A-Mac Environmental Ltd (Fume Extraction)


A-Mac Environmental Ltd is experts in fume extraction systems. They have been supplying the chemical, oil and gas industries with fume extractions for numerous years. They supply their fume extraction for Scotland to the whole of the UK.

Welding, solvents, paints, soldering, oils and vehicle exhausts generate fumes which can be hazardous. A-Mac Environmental's fume extraction systems can be used to remove these fumes and provide a hazard free working environment.

They have fume extraction systems to suit any budget.

Dust Extraction Scotland

A-Mac Environmental Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of dust extraction systems throughout Scotland and the UK.

Their dust extraction systems are specially designed to remove a variety of different dusts, including: grinding dust, wood waste, flour dust and shot blast dust.

Dust extraction can ensure your working environment is hazard free.

Dust Extraction Scotland

LEV COSHH Testing Scotland

A-Mac Environmental Ltd offers LEV COSHH testing to a whole host of industries including schools and nuclear power stations. They have provided COSHH testing throughout Scotland and the UK.

LEV COSHH testing is a mandatory inspection that must be carried out on LEV systems every 14 months. At A-Mac Environmental Ltd they have the knowledge and experience to help any business meet their COSHH testing requirements.

They are P601 accredited and all their work is carried out in compliance with HSG258.

LEV COSHH Testing Scotland

A-Mac Environmental Ltd

A-Mac Environmental Ltd is a small company based in Scotland. They were established in 2006 and have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers. They specialise in the design and manufacture of dust extractors and fume extractors.

A-Mac Environmental Ltd
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