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The A1 Group of companies are one of the UK's leading integrated waste management service suppliers and loo hire companies.

We have seen significant growth in recent years and reached an unrivalled level of commitment and resource to meet client demands in the fields of wet waste disposal and loo hire. The group embraces new technology and the very latest equipment to deliver real added value to their clients - aspiring to develop solutions that meet the client's individual needs.

Portable Toilet Hire Berkshire

A1 Loo Hire has a wide range of portable toilets for you to choose from to suit all of your portable toilet hire needs. To make sure that your needs are covered, you can choose from single toilets, urinals, trailers and waste tanks. With such a wide range of toilets for hire, we are positive that you will find the kind of  you need, and with our experience, when it comes to mobile toilet hire, you can definitely trust us.  We have a variety of portable toilet hire prices available, so contact us to see what we can offer you.

Event Portable Loo Hire Midlands

A1 Loo Hire offers all kinds of event toilet hire for the event industry with a great deal of experience in servicing events of all sizes.  Our event toilet hire service can suit an event of any size.  If you are putting on any kind of event, particularly if refreshments are being served, you will need to make sure that all of your guests are comfortable with adequate toilet hire provision. 

Portable Loo hire South Wales

If you want to get wet waste disposal done properly, you have come to just the right place. We have the latest equipment that can satisfy your every requirement when it comes to wet waste disposal.

Our long list of clients include British Airways, Heathrow Airport, KFC, Royal Parks and many more. You can feel absolutely sure when you do business with us.

Portable Loo hire South East

If you are in the construction industry, you will know that you need to have some kind of loo hire facility on site if the location is remote.  We offer solutions to all kinds of loo hire problems to help you stay within the law and keep your workers happy.

Portable Loo Hire Hampshire

Here, at A1 Group, we have a wide range of portable loos perfect for you. We have something to suit every occasion. From a building site to a large music festival, you can be sure that we will be able to cater to you needs when considering hiring portable loos.

Portable Loo Hire Thames Valley

Loo hire has never been this easy. A1 Loo Hire can provide you with a wide range of portable loos for hire. From singles, urinals, trailers and waste tanks as well, when it come to loo hire be sure to visit us first.

Second Hand Car Spares in Berkshire

At A1 Group, we have invested in the very latest second hand car processing capabilities. Not only do we de-pollute end-of-life-vehicles (ELVs), but we also offer you second hand car spares at amazing prices. If you are looking for second hand car spares that are rare, there is a good chance that we have them.

Car Spares Berkshire

Are you looking for affordable used car parts? Welcome to A1 Group, where we will give you exactly what you need. Our used car parts are always in good condition too, so you need not ever worry about getting substandard products from us. So why wait? Try us out now.

Car Spares Thames Valley

Collection and disposal of vehicles in Berkshire

We can de-pollute an average ELV (End of Live Vehicle) in just 15 minutes.  We have the capacity to depollute up to 140 ELV¹s per day, and our equipment and service exceeds all regulatory requirements and effective compliance procedures.

Authorised Automotive Treatment Facility   All Scrap Vehicles have to be correctly disposed of and failure to do so could result in a fine for the last registered owner. Which is why it makes sense to choose an authorised Automotive Treatment Facility.   ATF permits are only granted through Acceptable Site Standards and an undertaking of the proper and correct ELV Treatment Process ­ all legislation, authority and standards are currently excelled by Wokingham Metal Recycling.

Car Spares Hampshire

Wokingham Metal Recycling is a division of the A1 group of Companies ­ one of the UK's leading Waste Management Service Suppliers, who have consistently provided high quality Metal Recycling to a varied customer base.

Investment in the very latest processing capabilities has seen Wokingham Metal Recycling acquire two SEDA Fixed Station De-pollution rigs.   SEDA is the only processing equipment to be independently tested and verified to extract 98% of fluids from an average ELV.

Wet West Berkshire

Wet Waste Home | De-Watering Unit | Jet Vacuumation | CCTV Drain Surveys

Wokingham Wet Waste embrace new technology and the very latest equipment available in order to deliver real added value to our clients – aspiring to develop solutions that meet our client’s individual needs with a fleet of specialist equipment and vehicles to transport and dispose of all liquid waste.
  • Fleet of tankers up to 5000 gallons capacity
  • Loaded by high pressure vacuum
  • Heavy duty suction equipment
  • Highly trained operators and drivers

Wet Waste Hampshire

The collection, transportation and safe disposal of liquid waste is a specialised business. Wokingham Wet Waste have a unique, nationwide, multi-site approach which is the lifeblood of our business and the industry. This is combined with an efficient and prompt service complemented by a planned and cost effective network of disposal

Our core business is also supported by a comprehensive plumbing and drainage service – which can only be suited to a company like Wokingham Wet Waste which offer a full, integrated Drainage and Waste Service.
  • Blocked drains
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Descaling drains etc
  • Drains repaired and re-laid
  • Septic tanks and cesspits cleaned and installed

Wet Waste Thames Valley

Working in partnership with our Loo Hire Division – Wokingham Wet Waste continue to expand its significant contribution to many of the UK’s largest outdoor events and pop festivals 

Our client focus is underpinned by establishing a loyal customer base which includes:
  • British Airways
  • Heathrow Airport Authorities
  • KFC
  • Royal Parks
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Sweeney
  • Sita


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