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Here at A1 Hydraulics, we've been helping customers sort out their day-to-day needs for over 40 years. Our team of trained, experienced and knowledgeable technicians deal with enquiries from many industries, including engineering, off-shore, automotive, construction etc...and anywhere else that incorporates hydraulic equipment which needs sourcing, repairing, designing or modifying.

Whether your project is finding that special adaptor, or improving efficiency or filtration in a system, we have the time & resources to devote to solving your problem. Our established supplier base, sourcing tools and dedicated facility all ensure you get quick answers, and real solutions...you'll be pleasantly surprised by how we add value to your business!

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  1. Motorsport


    We stock a comprehensive range of Morotsport hoses, tubes, adaptors, couplings & oil coolers.

    Fittings include Red, Blue, Aluminium, Black & Stainless Steel

    Hoses & tubes include Rubber, Cotton-covered, PTFE, Kunifer, Bundy & Steel & Stainless Steel

    We have experienced technicians in this field to help you with your modifications, new builds and special projects. Whether you're building something from scratch, or restoring a classic...we can help you realise your dreams!

    Come and talk to the experts...our advise is always free!

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