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We provide a range of mobile self contained toilets. Their self contained design means they require no sewage or water connection. They can be provided as luxurious 12 bay units ideal for high calibre events, and offer ambiance and character to a setting.

The types of mobile self contained toilets include two cubicles, twin fresh flush toilets, easy to set up and maintain. Standard mobile units designed to facilitate larger groups of people and can be upgraded with a range of extras such as carpets. We also supply a range of contemporary styled mobile toilets combining artistic design and opulence.

Mobile Mains Connected Toilets

Our mobile mains connected toilets provide mains connection to fresh water for flushing and can be supplied in a wide range of sizes. Our standard mobile mains connected toilets provide a cost-effective solution and consist of three women's, two men's and three urinals and two sinks.

Our large designs are 12 bay layouts with a central washroom or cubicle equipped with individual wash hand basins. Our mobile mains connected toilets have a range of benefits including halving the cost of your haulage.

Mobile Plastic Toilets

Our collection of mobile plastic toilets consists of our standard sized unit. This is 1220mm in length and 1220mm wide.

We also supply a larger range of mobile plastic toilets for disabled use.

Mobile Shower Blocks

Our mobile shower blocks are available for a wide range of applications and uses including an expansive 240 shower head unit ideal for festivals and high volume events.

We also supply mobile shower blocks with four bays utilising electric showers with low energy consumption. They are easy to maintain, low to the ground, and have no steps.

Event Utility Vehicles

Our comprehensive range of event utility vehicles includes rugged golf buggies, heavy duty off-road equipment,and tractors.

Our range of event utility vehicles and golf buggies include six seater buggies and four seater vehicles for site transportation and rubbish collection.

Refrigerated Trailers

Our refrigerated trailers include the superb 3-mode trailer manufactured to the highest quality and specifications.

Refrigerated trailers are available for long and short term rent and versatile. They have three applications including chiller, fridge and freezer. We provide a safer food handling product and quality storage for food during outside events. 

Mobile Accommodation

We supply mobile accommodation through companies such as Bunkhouse. These mobile accommodation units are ideal for the corporate and event sector and are designed to be easily installed on site. They have a range of electrical connections and up to 10 air conditioned rooms.

The rooms are furnished with comfortable beds, curtains and wall to wall carpet. The design of the accommodation offers a quiet, pleasant and safe place to sleep. 

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