For a sign with maximum impact or as an art piece neon is one of the most effective forms of signage, With many years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of neon signs of all shapes, sizes and complexities, you can be assured of a high quality sign that has the functionality you require whilst still getting your message across clearly and concisely. Neon Signs can be created in a range of over 40 colours, they can be flashed, dimmed and chased creating movement and a sign with even greater impact on its target audience.


As one of the UK's premier sign makers we aim to provide the complete sign service for businesses large and small, from one off bespoke architectural designs to large rollouts for multinational companies.

Cold Cathode Lighting

Specialists in the manufacture and installation of cold cathode lighting, A1 deSIGNS provides a high quality fast and effective cold cathode lighting service. Cold cathode lighting is one of the most effective forms of lighting and has the versatility to be used in a variety of locations ranging from internally in coves, inside furniture, externally to buildings or recessed into floors. Our tubes can be shaped and formed to almost any curve or contour and with the use of turn back electrodes our tubes can be placed in such a way as to create a constant seamless light, leaving no dark spots. With our cold cathode colour change systems even greater flexibility with lighting schemes is achievable.

Bespoke Glass Furniture

Bespoke glass display units area of the A1deSIGNS website, as a new service A1deSIGNS is providing a bespoke glass furniture - bespoke glass display units service. The glass furniture is made from toughened glass and involves the process of UV Bonding the glass together. The bond when fully cured is stronger than the toughened glass itself.
We will also be adding new standard products to our range as time progresses, these will be made available from our online shop.

The bespoke glass furniture - bespoke glass display units service has been put into place to compliment both our cold cathode lighting service and our signage service. We hope this addition to our services will help us bring glass, signage and lighting together, creating stunning effects.

Architectural Signage

When looking for Architectural Signage, you need a company that understands your needs and can turn your concepts, design form and structure into dramatic architectural signage. Using materials such as metals, glass, hardwoods, softwoods and plastics and combining them with various finishes, A1deSIGNS can provide you with the architectural signage solution that meets all your requirements.

Comercial Signage

Commercial, Corporate and Industrial Signage applied in the correct manner will help a business stand out on any industrial or business park and can make any client’s visit to your premises an impressive, pleasant and effortless experience.

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