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A3fixings are suppliers of top quality building construction materials, accessories and products online direct to the building and construction industry and diy direct'. At A3fixings you'll find all our products available online for delivery in the UK...

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A3fixings supply sanding discs by the box online for direct delivery to the building and construction industry and diy direct UK.

We are suppliers of a wide range of building materials online and diy products online

Available sanding discs online include:

  • Abrasives:
  • Flap Discs
  • Sanding Discs - Aluminum Oxide

Carriage Bolts & Nuts

Structural bolt fixings - structural bolt fixings - fixing supplies - fixings and fastenings Carriage bolts and nuts - (Cup square hex) - A3fixings supplies bolts and fixings UK. We have a wide range of bolts available online for distribution throughout the UK to the building and construction industry and diy. We deliver wholesale or individual boxes of bolts and fixings UK.

Cavity Wall Fixings

Cavity wall fixings - fixtures and fastenings - cavity fixings online

Cavity wall fixings ideal for secure wall fixtures for use by builders and diy enthusiasts

Cutting Discs

We supply cutting discs in uk to the building construction industry and diy enthusiasts. You can order cutting discs online for delivery direct.

Thin Cutting Discs designed specifically for special cutting applications where speed, efficiency & accuracy are all important. Suitable for Stainless Steel & Construction Steel.

Please note: The manufacturer cutting discs shown in photos may not be the make supplied. If you require a particular manufacturer's cutting disc please contact us prior to placing an order.   

A3fixings supply building and construction materials online throughout the UK

Drill Bits HSS/SDS

Drill Bits High Speed Steel (HSS): SDS

We supply drill bits online for metal work, drill bits for masonry and drill bits for wood.

A3fixings supply drill bits to the building and construction industry and you can buy our diy tools online for delivery in the UK direct.

Not only do we sell quality diy drill bits, we supply diy products online for building and construction and the automotive industry in the uk .



A3 fixings online diy store have all diy products online, We supply building material supply and building materials online uk

We stock a huge range of screws for all kinds building construction diy of applications

We have a whole range of screws available online for direct delivery UK:

self tapper screws - self tapping screws - woodscrews - decking Screws - masonry screws - brass screws - screws - window screws - wood screws - dry wall screws - self tapping screws - decking screws - bzp finished screws - coach screws uk.

Sleeve Anchors

Online construction fixings - bolts and fixings uk - sleeve anchors - building and construction materials

  • Sleeve Anchors : Hex Nut/Hex Bolt: Bright Zinc Plated Designed for use in Brickwork.
  • Applications : Stadium Seating;Handrails; Ductwork; Battens; Trunking; Door Frames.
  • Features : Through Fixing; Zinc Plated; Varity of Head Styles;
  • Benefits : Fast Installation; Partial Corrosion Resistance (Bzp)

A3fixings supplies sleeve anchors online for distribution throughout the UK to the building and construction industry. We sell quality sleeve anchors for secure fixings and fastenings / building constuction diy.  

Stainless Steel Nut/Washer

A3fixings are suppliers of stainless steel nuts and washers in the uk. Our building material supply covers the whole of the UK for building and construction and diy.

Stainless steel washers help prevent corrosion on external builds. 

Through Bolts

Structural fixings - structural bolt fixings

  • Throughbolts : Bright Zinc Plated. Designed for use in Concrete.
  • Applications : Structural Steelwork;Heavy Machinery; Safety Barriers; Ballustrading.
  • Features : Through Fixing; Full Thread Diameter; Torque Controlled
  • Benefits : Fast Installation;High Shear Loads

A3fixings supplies through bolts online and a comprehensive range of building and construction materials for distibution within the UK.


Building material supply

Washers : Mild Steel : Form B : Bright Zinc plated Spring Square Section washers : Mild Steel : Bzp Penny washers: Mild steel: BZP
Washers are used to create a solid flat surface and grip for fixing nuts and bolts. They prevent sinking into soft surfaces like wood and plastic. Washers often act as a spacer between two objects to create a gap. Spring washers are used to prevent nut from loosening under movement or vibration.

Wedge Anchors

A3fixings suppliers of structural fixings, fixtures and fastenings including wedge anchor online for direct uk delivery.

Drop in Anchors / Wedge Anchors

Traditionally installed in concrete wedge anchors offer a permanent socket point that can be re-used. Wedge anchors have an internal thread to take bolts or studding

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