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At Phytron, our vacuum steppers are specially developed and designed to withstand the high temperatures and extreme radiation. A result of over 30 years experience in space technology, our vacuum steppers excel in quality and performance with full feature specifications available on our website.

Space Motors

Applicable for a range of temperatures and functions, our space motors are a perfect product demonstrating state-of-the-art space technology. Customised constructions can be applied to our space motors including integrated motor gear types or titanium housing.

Stepper Motors and Control Devices

Manufactured with a passion for quality, our website is a platform for our extensive range of stepper motors and control devices. Our precision stepper motors and control devices are suitable for many applications in a diverse temperature suitability range with excellent design features.

Interface and Programming

MiniLog-Comm provides exceptional interface and programming for our stepper motor controllers.

An easy and quick interface and programming solution for many types of control units, MiniLog-Comm includes a status display for inputs, outputs and limit switches in addition to many other user beneficial features.

Driver and Controller

We can provide an extent of driver and controller equipment for our stepper and servo motors. For a quick and efficient selection process, our excellent supply of driver and controller products can be categorised into appropriate power stages or controller types with various mounting and communication options.

Motors and Actuators

Built to perform in the lowest or highest temperatures, our motors and actuators can even excel in extreme environments. Solid lubrication, radiation resistance and internal air cooling are three key design advantages our motors and actuators have to offer.

Mechanics and Equipment

Additional quality products can be found under our mechanics and equipment category for more customer all-in-one solutions. Mechanics and equipment includes items such as shaft coupling and inertial damper products built for high performance with many features available on our site.

Standard Industrial

To achieve standards of industrial capabilities, our product solutions support companies across the globe with an ultimate aim to enhance the manufacturing process. We have a comprehensive range of servo and stepper motors meeting the standards set in industrial environments.

Science and Research

At Phytron, we are relied upon for science and research product solutions.

Our diverse range of technical items reach out to support the most extreme demands within science and research. Whether it is technical analysis or an accurate optics project, we meet individual solutions confidently and efficiently.

Specific Solutions for Specific Disciplines

At Phytron, we thrive finding specific solutions for specific disciplines.

With an attitude to see a challenge in every task, whatever the required outcome, finding specific solutions for specific disciplines is how we build a solution out of a problem.

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