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We have an extensive range of disposable plastic platters to suit all budgets and events. We stock foil platters in plain oval style sizes 14”, 17” and 22”. We also have several quality ranges of black plastic food service platters with clear domed lids in round, octagonal and rectangular shapes. These range in size from the very cute (yes that is a word in packaging) 6” black rectangular tray  to 22” rectangular tray and 18” round platter and lid. They can be bought separate from the lid or often in combo boxes if you require smaller quantities.

Catering Disposables

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 AA Catering Disposables.co.uk is a specialist in catering disposables and Food Packaging. We are a family business who really cares about its customers. We are often recommended by manufacturers and other customers because of our outstanding service.  We will stock items just for you and research new products you may be looking for.

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Plastic Containers and Cutlery

This very generic description includes catering disposables used everyday in the catering industry. We stock clear plastic containers and cutlery some can be used in the microwave and others are oven safe and freezer safe for example the CPET trays. We stock the standard cutlery for every day use and also we have a full range of tamper evident round pots.

Plastic Containers and Cutlery

Round Foil Containers

The round foil containers we stock are used extensively in the catering and bakery industries. Our website shop splits the round foil containers into 5 sections Basin foils and platters, Flan and dish foils, Oblong and oval foils, Patty custard and saucer foils and Plate Foils. Most round container foils have a rolled edge meaning that they do not take a lid however a few foils have an IVC (interrupted vertical curl) which means that these foils are liddable with a foil board lid for example our popular 2282 – 9” flan deep often used for family cheesecakes or gateaux’s can be purchased and used with or without a lid.

 Some round containers are lanced (with pinprick holes in the base) which aids the cooking specifically in cooking pastry. All foils are manufactured to BS quality assurance standards and are excellent quality. As with all aluminium foil containers the round foil containers are 95% recyclable maintaining the structure of the foil throughout the recycling

Round Foil Containers

Square & Rectangle Foil Containers

These are very popular foil containers, including rectangular, square and compartment foils. With a few exceptions the majority of the foil containers within this section can be used with a foil board lid. The most popular size foils in this section are the foils most commonly used in Chinese takeaway No.1 Foil, No. 2 Foil tray and the longer No. 6A tray. Foil is an inert material that does not provide a habitat for micro-organisms. Foil does not pass on any odours, colours or tastes to the food within and is 95% recyclable.Visit our website for further information on Square & Rectangle Foil Containers.

Square & Rectangle Foil Containers

Tamper Evident Containers

Our range of Tamper Evident Containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes with the industry standard Tamper Evident Collars. They are manufactured from Polypropylene and as a result are 100% recyclable and offer a leak-proof packaging solution with high presentation qualities for a wide range of product from olives to muesli.

There are two main groups of product with different diameter lids the, 97mm range has the following sizes: 180ml, 280ml, 375ml & 520ml and are conveniently packed with the 500 bases and lids in each box. This makes ordering and stock control at store level much easier.

The 122mm range is 800ml & 1000ml and the lids and bases come in seperate boxes, but again we match the quantities for your convenience.  We also stock one square tamper evident container and lid for ice cream, 2.4litre.  These are opaque for better freezer properties. 

Tamper Evident Containers
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