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We manufacture competitively priced Carbon Filters, designed to deliver high-performance Odour Control and VOC Abatement in Liquid Phase and Air Filtration projects.

Typical applications for our products include: Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems, Museums and Galleries, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

Our Carbon Filter products includes: Carbon Filter Housing, Skeleton Frames, Bulk Filters, Passive Vents, Drum Filters and Carbon Canisters, Carbon Filter Systems for Air Handling Units and ESP Electrostatic Precipitators.

A comprehensive Activated Carbon Media replacement and Disposal service is also available.

For Indoor Air projects in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), AAC NITROSORB, delivers proven mitigation for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

Air Filtration Systems

We provide market leading Air Filtration Systems for the Commercial, Residential, Educational and Industrial sectors.

All our products are designed to deliver maximum performance at an affordable price and include a full range of standard Carbon Filters and Filter Housing, Bulk Filters, Passive Vents, Drum Filters, Skeleton Frames, ESP Electrostatic Air Cleaners, Bag Filters, HEPA Filters and Pleated Panel Filters.

In addition to our standard range of products, we offer a low-cost design and manufacture service for bespoke Carbon Filter projects.

We also hold extensive stocks of a wide variety of Activated Carbon, and offer a comprehensive Media Testing and Media Disposal Service.

For Indoor Air projects that require an effective NO2 mitigation solution, we offer a full range of high performance NO2 Filters.

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Air Filtration Systems

Carbon Filter

At AAC Eurovent, we offer a full range of plastic refillable Carbon Filter solutions designed to deliver high quality Odour Control, VOC removal in a range of Air Filtration and Liquid Phase applications.

Our Carbon Filters are available in a full range of standard sizes. A competitively priced design and manufacture service is also available for bespoke projects.

To complement our range of Carbon Filters, we also offer a range of low cost, standard and bespoke Filter Housing, a comprehensive Media Testing and Media Replacement Disposal Service is also available.

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Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon

We hold extensive stocks of premium grade Activated Carbon designed to deliver high removal efficiencies in a range of substances.

All our Carbon Filter media is manufactured using the latest technology to provide maximum performance in a range of Odour Control and Air Filtration applications.

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Activated Carbon

Filter Housing

The AAC Swiftpack System is a modular Filter Housing designed for use with the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters.

This compact housing solution offers end users key benefits including: pre-and after filtration capability, hinged or removable side access door/panel and air tight, brush pile seals on filter slides to prevent air by-pass.

The AAC Swiftpack System is designed for new or existing ducted systems and is suitable for a range of volume flow rate applications.

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Filter Housing

AHU Filter

We offer a range of AHU Filter solutions to deliver high quality Odour Control, VOC abatement and Air Filtration.

The AAC Swiftkit Carbon Filter System is a “kit of parts” solution designed to enable Air Handling Unit manufacturers to fit carbon filters into their Air Handling Units.

The AAC Skeleton-Frame enables our range of plastic refillable Carbon Filters to be installed into Air Handling Units in smaller applications with low dwell times and volume flowrates between 0.1 m3 /s and 2.5m3/s.

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AHU Filter

Odour Control and Dust Filtration in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations

The AAC 2- Pass Swiftpack System is designed to deliver effective Odour Control and Dust Filtration in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations.

This bespoke high-performance system is manufactured from316SS stainless steel, and is built to deliver an operational life of around 25 years.

The AAC 2- Pass Swiftpack System is capable of handling higher volume flowrates, provides greater dwell times and delivers immediate and effective, long term odour control for the significant odour concentrations associated with this type of application.


 Odour Control and Dust Filtration in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations

Odour Control

We design and manufacture a full range of competitively priced Odour Control solutions for a wide variety of applications including: Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment, Abattoirs, Food Processing Plants and Airport Terminal Buildings.

In addition to our extensive range of filters, we offer a wide variety of Filter Housing, high quality Activated Carbon and a comprehensive Media Disposal Service.

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Odour Control

Kitchen Odour Control

Our market leading Kitchen Odour Control solutions are formulated to deliver high performance odour, smoke and grease reduction in commercial kitchen extraction systems.

Our product portfolio includes a full range of competitively priced standard and bespoke, refillable Carbon Filters, Adsorption Media Filters and Carbon Filter Housings.

All our kitchen odour control products are manufactured in accordance with the quality assured system: BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and are supported by our Free Technical Assistance.

We can also supply the Xtract™ series of ozone based odour control units and a full range of Electrostatic Precipitators, designed to deliver a high-performance smoke and grease reduction in kitchen extraction systems.

For Kitchen Odour Control projects involving Activated Carbon, we recommend the patented AAC Colourcell Media Filter systems, which provides maintenance personnel with an important first stage analysis of the condition of their installed media.

Kitchen Odour Control

VOC Reduction

We offer a range of products designed to deliver effective VOC Reduction, including: Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptan, Indoles and Skatoles, in Wastewater and Sewage Treatment applications.

Our product range includes: Standard and Bespoke Carbon Filters, Filter Housing for ducted systems, Passive Vents, Drum Filters, Bulk Filters, Carbon Canisters and Liquid Filters.

We also supply a vast range of competitively priced Activated Carbon.

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VOC Reduction

Liquid Filter

The AAC LF Liquid Filter is designed to remove Organic Odour in semi static or temporary site operations.

This economical range of filters are suitable for a variety of applications including: Wastewater and Effluent Treatment, Process Liquor Purification and Groundwater Treatment.

These simple to use filters are designed to allow the even distribution of liquid across the Carbon Filter bed, to deliver maximum efficiency and improved operational life.

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Liquid Filter

Passive Ventilation

We offer a full range of refillable Carbon Filters for Passive Ventilation projects in Sludge, Sewage and Waste Holding Tanks, Fume Cupboard Exhausts and VOC Removal in Oil Storage Tanks.

These high-quality polypropylene filters are available in a range of material options and have a capacity of up to 430m3/h, to give a minimum of 0.5 second dwell time at maximum flow rate.

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Passive Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality NO2 Filter

Our competitively priced indoor air quality NO2 Filter solutions are designed to deliver effective indoor air NO2 mitigation in the Residential, Commercial and Educational sectors.

Based on the patented AAC NITROSORB dry chemical scrubbing media, our high-performance NO2 filters are designed to comply with   The Ambient Air Quality and Cleaner Air for Europe (CAFE) Directive (2008/50/EC).

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Indoor Air Quality NO2  Filter

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

AAC Equinox is a continuous NO2 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System designed to measure the efficiency of the AAC NITROSORB Filter System in mitigating indoor air NO2 levels.

This high quality, simple to install, solution offers peace of mind to end users that their installed AAC NITROSORB filters are delivering maximum protection from NO2.

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

Carbon Filter Replacement

We offer a comprehensive Carbon Filter Replacement service covering labour and equipment.

All our Activated Carbon is supplied with a detailed specification sheet and a current Health & Safety Data Sheet. We also hold in stock all our plastic refillable filter cell components to ensure a rapid turnaround in filter replacement.

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Carbon Filter Replacement

Inline Filter

The AAC ILCF range of refillable Inline Filter solutions is suitable for inline ductwork applications which require the streamlined installation of carbon filters.

These competitively priced Carbon Filters, built for economy and performance, are filled with 4mm virgin activated carbon pellets and are designed to deliver excellent airflows and Odour Control in applications with maximum flow rates of up to 760m3/hr.

Typical application for the AACILCF Filters  include: Sewage Waste Odour, Commercial Kitchen Odour, Odour control in Abattoirs, Air Purification for Offices & Airports, Solvent & Diesel Exhaust Odour Adsorption and Odour Control for Hydroponics.

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Inline Filter
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