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We manufacture competitively priced Carbon Filters, designed to deliver high-performance Odour Control and VOC Abatement in Liquid Phase and Air Filtration projects.

Typical applications for our products include: Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems, Museums and Galleries, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

Our Carbon Filter products includes: Carbon Filter Housing, Skeleton Frames, Bulk Filters, Passive Vents, Drum Filters and Carbon Canisters, Carbon Filter Systems for Air Handling Units and ESP Electrostatic Precipitators.

A comprehensive Activated Carbon Media replacement and Disposal service is also available.

For Indoor Air projects in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), AAC NITROSORB, delivers proven mitigation for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

  1. Applegate Press Release Oct 2017
    11 October 2017

    AAC Eurovent Release NEW Indoor Air Quality Brochure


    In response to recent demands for information on AAC Eurovent`s high performance NITROSORB Filters, the company has released its latest Indoor Air Quality Brochure.


    Mr. Robin Elshout, MD said: “As a leading manufacturer of air filtration equipment and systems, the development of our NITROSORB filtration range has been an important addition to the AAC Eurovent product portfolio. Over the past few years, we have seen a marked increase in demand for proven NO2 mitigation products that deliver an effective, sustainable, and economically viable solution. We were first to market in the UK, approximately 4 years ago, and believe that, as a company, AAC Eurovent offer the most effective NO2 mitigation solutions currently available.”


    About our NO2 Filtration Solutions


    Our NO2 filtration solutions are based on the independently tested and verified dry chemical scrubbing system, AAC NITROSORB®, and are designed to enable developers involved in new build and retro-fit residential, commercial, and educational projects to comply with The Ambient Air Quality and Cleaner Air for Europe (CAFE) Directive (2008/50/EC).


    AAC NITROSORB® is accepted by UK planning departments as a NO2 mitigation solution and is widely specified by mechanical consultants across the UK.




    The AAC Swiftpack® NITROSORB® Filter System is universally compatible with all makes of MVHR.


    Our units are available in horizontal and vertical styles and are custom designed to meet the required volume flow rates plus any dimensional constraints.


    Optional PM10 and PM2.5 particulate filters can be fitted to enable compliance with the WELL Building Standard, if required.


    AAC NITROSORB® for Centralised Air Handling Plant


    For centralised air handling plant the AAC NITROSORB® filter cells can be installed by means of the AAC Swiftkit® or the AAC Skeleton-Frame™


    AAC Equinox® for NO2 Monitoring & Data Acquisition System


    Works seamlessly with the AAC Swiftpack®, Swiftkit® and Skeleton-Frame™ NITROSORB® Filter Systems to measure the levels of NO2 on site both before and after filtration and transmit live data reads directly to AAC Eurovent HQ via GPRS.


    Should you require further technical information or would like a quote for a specific project, please call Robin Elshout on 07770774798, or alternatively email marketing@aaceurovent.co.uk.


    Applegate Press Release Oct 2017

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