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We are a UK based, independently owned business offering a wide range of high-quality masking and protection products. Our masking and protection products are supplied to you with the guarantee of high-quality and cost-efficiency.

We have over 60 years of combined experience in the finishing industry and offer you full technical support for a variety of finishing applications including powder coating, wet spray painting, decorative and hard anodising, chemical etching, blasting and PCBs.

From teaming up with tesa Tapes UK Ltd, Europe’s number one adhesive tapes manufacturer, we offer a wider range of specialist adhesive masking and protection tapes.

Masking Caps

Suitable for masking plain and threaded studs, we provide silicone masking caps. These extra high temperature silicone masking caps will withstand temperatures up to +300°C and are re-usable up to 260°C.

As well as masking caps, we also provide options in:

  • Masking Plugs
  • Silicone Tapered Plugs/Bungs/Stoppers
  • Silicone Pull Plugs
  • Silicone Flanged Plugs
  • Silicone Flangeless Plugs

Masking Tapes

Further to our vast masking caps range, we also offer comprehensive and high-quality options in masking tapes. Our superior range of masking tapes is suited to all requirements and is manufactured to the highest quality.

Options include:

Masking Discs

We also provide comprehensive solutions for masking discs. Our high temperature masking discs are available in diameters from 5mm up to 150mm in 1mm increments. They come die cut on a roll and are ideal for the precise masking of components.

Masking discs are commonly used for masking around holes for decorative and hard chrome aluminium anodising, plating and coating of circuit boards, masking during wet spray painting and powder coating. We also supply custom die cut masking shapes for components requiring intricate masking.

Masking Shapes

For masking shapes, we provide the ultimate service. All requirements are considered with the production of our masking shapes, and we deliver a cost-effective and professional service.

  • Custom Die Cut Masking Shapes
  • Crepe Paper Masking Shapes
  • Polyester Green Masking Shapes
  • Kapton Polyimide Masking Shapes
  • Adhesive Masking Materials

Vinyl Caps

We produce standard vinyl caps and high temperature vinyl caps. Our standard vinyl caps and plugs are commonly used for the protection of threaded or plain studs or the protection of components during transport. They have good electrical properties and will withstand temperatures up to 70°C. They are a great way of enhancing any finished product.

Our high temperature vinyl caps for masking during electroplating, chrome plating grit and bead blasting applications have a very good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Our high temperature vinyl caps will withstand temperatures up to 180°C and have been used successfully for short periods up to 220°C.

Custom Vinyl Mouldings

We supply custom vinyl mouldings to customer specifications in standard vinyl. Our custom vinyl mouldings will withstand temperatures up to 70°C and our high temperature vinyl will withstand temperatures up to 230°C for short periods.

Custom Vinyl Dip Mouldings can be a very cost effective method for product development or for small to medium batch runs.

PVC vinyl dip mouldings can be manufactured with low cost prototype and production tooling. Our capability extends to volume production parts with competitive lead times.

Custom Rubber Moulding

We offer comprehensive custom rubber moulding services. Our custom rubber moulding services range from low cost prototype moulding to full production moulding.

We supply small, medium and large batch quantities at very competitive rates. We produce custom rubber mouldings in Silicone Rubber, EPDM Rubber or Neoprene Rubber Compounds in a variety of colours and shore hardness.

Our custom rubber mouldings are used as a masking product and are suited to the automotive, aerospace, electrical and leisure industries.

Silicone Tube

High temperature silicone rubber tube is generally offered as a masking product for paint or powder coating.

High temperature silicone tube is reusable up to 260°C and is ideal for masking studs and threads longer than those covered by our standard silicone masking caps.

Silicone tube is usually held in stock in many sizes ranging from 2.8mm internal diameter to 34.9mm internal diameter with a 1.6 mm wall thickness. Many non-standard sizes can be delivered in a couple of days.

Protective Netting

We stock an extensive range of protective netting. Protective netting is a very practical and cost-effective method of protecting from surface damage to machined and polished components during the manufacturing process. Protective netting is also used for protecting components during storage and transportation.

Our protective netting is available in a wide range of colour coded sizes. It is available to fit components of almost any shape and size from 7mm to 300mm diameter.

Tube Inserts

We supply a large variety of plastic tube inserts. Our tube inserts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Options include:

Tube inserts are ideal for blanking off the open ends of pipes or tubes in office furniture, leisure equipment, chairs, desks, tables, catering equipment or to enhance your finished products.

Sample Kits

We provide numerous options in masking sample kits and have recently introduced a new starter kit for masking.

Our starter kits are ideal for testing, evaluation, prototype and short production runs. These starter sample kits consist of a range of silicone tapered plugs and caps for masking during wet spray painting, E-coating, powder coating and many other finishing applications.

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