Our range of belt driven compressors is designed to give you ultimate performance and solutions to any industrial, automotive or professional requirement. Our range includes professional, heavy duty and reliable compressor systems mounted in receivers with characteristics including motor protection switches with solenoid valves, air outlet valves, mechanical relief valves, and pressure gauges.

Our full range of belt driven compressors consists of Professional and Economy models with pressure ranging up to 35 Bar, as well as single and 3 phase models and horizontal and vertical receiver models.


We are on the world's largest volume producer of compressors, with a yearly production approaching 1.3 million compressors across our eight factories worldwide.

We also have available a comprehensive range of compressed air products.

Direct Drive Compressors

Our series of direct drive compressors are the most durable, popular and efficient products in the market. Our selection includes special voltage direct drive compressors and economy range.

Direct drive compressors are designed to give customers a choice of small compressed air systems ideal for semi-professional and do-it-yourself projects.

Screw Compressors

Our screw compressors are equipped with energy efficient variable speeds and can be connected to each other for maximum energy efficiency and cost reductions.

All our screw compressors up to 420 kw have innovative, patented technology to increase productivity and save energy.

Special Application Compressors

Our special applications compressors include dental and oil-free compressors for use in surgeries, laboratories and many other types of critical environments. Clean-Air compressors offer highly reliable and effective sources of compressed air and available as standard units or with dryers and optional acoustic cabinets.

High pressure air compressors suitable for breathing air and industrial processes consist of skid mounted and cabinet versions with options for electric motors, petrol engines or diesel engine drives.

Our super silent air compressors have a silent operation for use anywhere. The range includes portable and static models with high levels of reliability and durable and strong construction. They are easy to use have simple automatic controls.

DIY Compressors

We also supply a range of compressors suitable for many DIY projects and personal use. These compressors can be used with airbrushes and professional beauty applications such as tanning and body and nail art. Compressors can also be used for cake decorating.

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