Abacus Sales Ltd

Abacus Sales Limited

Abacus have been trading for over 25 years. We import scaffold and gantry hoists from Italy, ladder hoists and rack & pinion hoists from Spain.

Conveyor belts from Germany.

  • Builders', Scaffolding, Ladder and Platform Hoists
  • Air and Electric Hoists
  • Chain Hoists - Electric and Manual
  • Explosion Proof Hoists
  • Gantry, Jib, Rack and Pinion Hoists
  • Wire Rope Hoists
  • Hand and Personnel Hoists

We distribute this equipment to the construction industry, scaffolders, roofers, hire and lifting gear companies.


We also do full installations on rack & pinion and ladder hoists in factories, warehouses, colleges and ship building. These units would be fully enclosed with electro mechanical interlocking gates.

Air conditioning

We also supply and install portable and fixed air conditioning, building dryers, dehumidifiers and fans.

Cleaning equipment

We are distributors for pneumatic international cleaning equipment which includes industrial vacuum cleaners, polishing machines and scrubber drying machines.

Abacus Sales Ltd Overview