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Abbey Electronics design and manufacture a range of electrical products for the OEM market. These include high quality (Hi-Q) EMC filters, industrial phase power controllers (a.k.a. dimmer controls), mains power controllers including burst control, weather sensors (for detecting any precipitation including rain, snow and sleet) and pump controllers.

All are designed and manufactured by Abbey to very stringent quality ensuring that we have full control of the whole process from design through manufacturing to delivery to our valued customers.

Gas Products

Abbey Electonics' range of gas controls are designed and manufactured to high international standards. All our ignition controllers are approved by Notified Bodies to EN298 and can confidently be used on any appliance that comes under the European Gas Appliance Directive or appliances that must meet similar standard.

Abbey supply equivalent ignition controls to many popular units either via direct compatibility or the use of conversion kits.

Bespoke or custom ignition controllers can also be supplied either by programming stock units to the OEM's specification or designing one from scratch.

Gas Products


Abbey Electronics was established in 1990 and very quickly established a reputation as a one-stop base for providing solutions to all sorts of electronic control requirements.

Abbey Electronics are a global and forward looking company.  Our specialty is design and support for the OEM clients in various fields of industrial application of electronics.

If we can not find a ready solution in our wide range of existing products we set about to design one.  There is no charge in most cases for designing a solution except in cases of very low product volumes.

Naturally, manufacturing is an essential part of our activities.

If you have a problem and a solution is a must you can trust Abbey Electronics to provide a solution - one way or another.

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