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Welcome to Abbey Extrusions Ltd. We manufacture all types of hose and tubing for a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceutical and beverage to pneumatics, hydraulics and aerospace.

Reinforced PVC Hose

Reinforced with polyester yarn our three layer P.V.C. constructed hose offers reliability at high working pressures, added to which the smooth bore coupled with extreme flexibility allow for excellent flow rates. Manufactured from top quality crystal clear P.V.C. compounds, our clear reinforced P.V.C. hose is ideal for factory airlines, fluid return systems and various industrial applications which require blockages to be quickly and easily detected.

Our manufacturing tolerances are within BS EN ISO 1307:2008.

Our Reinforced P.V.C hose is resistant to a wide range of chemicals; further details may be obtained from our Technical Sales Office.

The maximum and minimum temperature we would recommend for flexible reinforced PVC hose is -20°C which is the cold flex temperature and the Maximum recommended continuous temperature is 55°C.

Working pressures and temperatures : To ensure continuous quality and high standards, a constant programme of pressure testing of our products is carried out by independent test authorities. The working pressures are based on the short term burst pressure at 20°C using a 4 to 1 safety factor. Any increases in temperature above 20°C will affect the short term burst pressure quoted. This graph shows the percentage of working pressure at 20°C, which can be delivered safely at increased temperatures.

Low toxic : All of our PVC tube is manufactured from a low toxicity PVC material, the ingredients of which are approved by the U.S.F. and D.A. for use in contact with food and drink.

Brewery quality hose: We are able to manufacture the above range of tube in a high specification low taste PVC material as specified by the U.K. Brewing Industry. Our sales office will be pleased to quote prices and advise minimum manufacturing quantities.

Coil lengths and colours :Standard coil length 30 metres, alternative coil lengths are available; further details may be obtained from our Technical Sales Office. All our range of hose sizes are available with black outer cover, up to and including 32mm. We hold stock of red and blue in sizes 6, 8, 9.5, 12.5, 16, 19 and 25mm. Various other colours and tints of hose can also be supplied. Our sales office can advise minimum manufacturing quantities.

Reinforced PVC Hose

Diesel Delivery Hose

Diesel Delivery Hose : Diesel delivery hose was developed during the early eighties, as an alternative to expensive rubber hose which was being used for conveying diesel oil through gravity feed lines.

Manufactured from a specially formulated blend balanced PVC/Nitrile compound, with a three layer construction and 24 polyester braid reinforcement which is then heat and chemically bonded.

Working pressures and temperatures: The working pressures quoted within the charts are based on the short term burst pressures calculated at 20°C using a 4-to 1 safety factor. Maximum recommended working temperature is 45°C. At temperatures above 20°C working pressures quoted would be affected. Below -25°C bend radius and flexibility would be affected.

Coil lengths and colours: Diesel Hose is usually supplied in lengths of 50 metres, but other coil lengths are available. Further details may be obtained from our Technical Sales Office. All our range of Hose sizes are available in Black. Various colours of hose can also be supplied subject to a minimum order.

Diesel Delivery Hose

Polyurethane Tube

Polyurethane Tube Unreinforced Polyurethane tube : Polyurethane tube has outstanding characteristics when compared with other thermoplastic materials. It has excellent flex and bend capabilities over a wide temperature range, and good resistance to abrasion. It is also resistant to many chemicals and gases and most fuels, oils and greases.

Polyurethane tube is widely used in pneumatic control systems, where it’s great flexibility and ease of handling speeds up installation. It can be used for fuel and liquid lines. For positive fitting we recommend push on type fixing where practicable.

Working pressures and temperatures : The working pressures within the chart below are based on the short term burst pressure at 20°C using a 4 to 1 saftey factor. Maximum recommended continuous working temperature 55°C with occasional short term use to 85°C, the minimum being -50°C.

Coil lengths and colours: Standard coil length 30 metres, alternative coil lengths are available further information may be obtained from our Technical Sales Office.

Polyurethane Tube

Zebadee hose guard

Zebadee hose guard Zebadee spiral hose guard : Zebadee is manufactured from our Type 12 Nylon material and comes in a full range of sizes suitable in giving protection to hose and tube as small as 6mm OD and up to 75mm OD. Apart from giving protection to hose surface in an abrasive environment, Zebadee is also resistant to chemical corrosion, including dilute acids, petrol, oil and grease.

Easy to attach with its shiny surface and biased cut edges allowing smooth entry over the hose surface, Zebadee can be threaded or wrapped over hose that is already in situ.

Zebadee can also be used as a shroud when bunching many hoses that need protection, or are just unsightly. The same method can be used with electrical cables.

Standard stock colour: Black

Zebadee hose guard

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