Abbfab Services Ltd

An ISO 9001:2000 fabrication company, Abbfab Services Ltd has been trading since 1992. We offer workshop fabrication and welding facilities. We provide nationwide on-site installation of pipework, tanks, pressure vessels and access-ways.

We have client base including many blue-chip companies in the chemical, industrial gases, food and brewery, petro-chem, pharmaceuticals, water, and paper industries.

Abbfab Services Ltd employ an experienced workforce with skills ranging from platers, pipe-fitters fabricators and coded welders (c/w comprehensive range of welding qualifications and weld procedures), who provide excellent fabrication and welding techniques and produce a quality assured product in our workshops. Together with qualified site teams who are well equipped to plan and implement site fabrication and welding and plant installation. Our managers and staff are fully committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and service are brought to the successful completion of your project

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  1. Piping and Ductwork

    Piping and Ductwork
    Here at Abbfab Services, we specialise in a vast range of approved weld procedures. We create piping and ductwork approved to ASME and EN standards. We offer competitive prices for the fabrication of pipework in an assortment of materials including:
    • Stainless steel (304/304L & 316/316L)
    • Duplex and Super Duplex steels
    • Carbon steel
    • Low temperature carbon steels
    • Cupro-nickel
    We also provide bespoke piping and ductwork fabrications using your own materials. Our capabilities include:
    • Pipework up to 600mm diameter for a variety of applications including steam, water, compressed gases and cryogenic service
    • Development of drawings from simple layouts / schematics to working fabrication drawings
    • Welding to internationally recognised standards (ASME or EN) and all welders are qualified to either ASME or ISO standards
    • Roll grooving for 'Victualic®' fittings
    • NDE to design code and customer requirements
  2. Pressure vessels and tanks

    Pressure vessels and tanks
    We are a leading manufacturer of bespoke pressure vessels and tanks. We create a vast range of vessels up to 20 tonnes suitable for off shore and on shore use. We are highly experienced in the manufacture of pressure vessels and tanks. We offer competitive solutions to your pressure vessel, refrigerant vessel and tank requirements. Our products include:
    • Demister vessels
    • Separation vessels
    • Filter vessels
    • Filter housings
    • Adsorber vessels
    • Storage tanks
    • Bounded tanks
    • Heat exchanger housings
    • Blowdown vessels
    • We will arrange for your vessels to be painted, or have other surface treatments applied if required. Your vessel will be supplied with full documentation to comply with EC and design code requirements.
  3. Silencer Fabrication

    Silencer Fabrication
    We fabricate silencers suitable for use in power generation, oil and gas exploration fields and for cryogenic services. Our silencers are manufactured in an assortment of materials, such as:
    • Super Duplex and Duplex
    • Low Alloy steels
    • Stainless Steels
    Our standard services include:
    • Full material traceability is maintained in accordance with the Company's documented ISO 9001:2009 procedures
    • Non-Destructive Examination to design code and / or clients specific requirements
    • Stress relieving
    • Full Quality Assurance documentation
  4. Site services

    Site services
    Our team of experienced, qualified site workers are well equipped to plan and undertake site work. We boast an excellent reputation for working to tight delivery schedules and a quick reponse to breakdowns. Our site workers are fully trained in confined space entry, erection of mobile access towers and the use of mobile elevating work platforms. Each member of the team holds client contractor national safety group safety passports. Our extensive site services include:
    • Installation of service and process pipework
    • Installation of clients equipment
    • Dismantling and stripping out of redundant equipment
    • Supply of labour to cover for clients own labour holiday / absenteeism periods
    • Vessel entry / confined space working
    • We also provide fully documented risk assessments and safe systems of work (method statements)
  5. Skid Modules

    Skid Modules
    At Abbfab Services, we specialise in the manufacture of on-shore and off-shore skid frame units. We fabricate complete skid module solutions, base frames and pipework. We will surface treat completed frame units to whatever specification you request. The skid units we manufacture include:
    • Off shore water sterilisation, with U.V. Units, interconnecting pipework, valves and filters
    • Fire fighting skids ¿ pumps and pipework
    • Gas extraction and filter assemblies (used for the reclamation of methane from land fill sites)
    • High vacuum pump assembly modules for off shore use
  6. Specialised Welded Fabrications

    Specialised Welded Fabrications
    We are experts in specialised welded fabrications. Normally components are supplied by you to be assembled and fully welded. We use approved procedures for specialised welded fabrications. Fabrications include items such as:
    • Pump casings
    • Compressor casings
    • Body and flange assemblies (usually flanges to cast valve bodies)
    • Probe assemblies
    All the above work is undertaken using qualified weld procedures and non-destructive examination to either clients requirements or design code stipulation.
  7. Welding

    We specialise in welding an assortment of metals, from the common structural grades of steel (S275 group) to 'exotic' materials including:
    • Low alloy steels
    • Duplex and Super Duplex steels
    • Hastelloy® C22 and C276
    • Zeron® 9% chrome / 1% molybdenum steel, and 13% chrome / 4% nickel steels

    We use processes such as
    • Tungsten Inert Gas
    • Manual Metal Arc
    • Metal Inert Gas
    All of our welders are fully qualified and our procedures are approved to ASME or ISO standards and full quality assurance documentation can be provided at completion of the contract if required.
  8. Weld Repair Capabilities

    Weld Repair Capabilities
    We have weld repair capabilities for castings in an assortment of materials. Our repair services include building up the metal of badly eroded or worn areas of valve seats and damaged flange faces. Our cost effective services allow the re-machining and repair of the component so there is only the only machining costs. Our repairs are subject to a minimum of dye penetrant or magnetic particle examination. Radiography is an option at your request. Items suitable for weld repair include:
    • Eroded valve seats
    • Eroded valve bodies
    • Damaged flange faces
    • Eroded / damaged turbine blades
    • Pump impellers