ABC Edelstahl Armaturen & Fittings GmbH


With a range of threaded and weld fittings, valves, flanges, pipe brackets and cutting ring fittings, ABC Edelstahlhandel is your high-performing partner.

From the very founding of the company, the ABC team set itself the goal of optimising delivery in a number of ways to ensure that manufacturing processes would be interrupted as little as possible.  

Various industry sectors 
Our company is confronted with problems from a variety of commercial and industrial situations on a daily basis. In order to solve these problems in the best way, the ABC service concept was set up on two cornerstones.

ABC Edelstahl Armaturen & Fittings GmbH

Extensive warehousing
Firstly, extensive warehousing ensures that we have good stocks of all products and can respond to customer needs without delay. Items such as threaded and weld fittings and valves are held in large volumes. The service is completed with fast handling of enquiries and orders - so stock items can be sent from our premises by parcel service or haulier on the day the order is received. In urgent cases, a courier can be used to ensure that the goods reach their destination quickly.

In addition to our extensive stock range, ABC also offers standard and custom fabrication of couplings, pipe nipples and weld-on fittings to order.

ABC Edelstahl Armaturen & Fittings GmbH

Competent, specialist advice
Solving problems is what we do at ABC every day. It goes without saying, then, that competent advice on the applications of the products we supply is part of our service. And this may require knowledge of, for example, all technical data, dimensions and/or the load capacity of a material. We offer expert advice on problems relating to the integration of ABC products with manufacturing processes, legal requirements and so on. This overall concept has been so successful that today ABC also delivers extensively to companies in countries outside Germany.

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