ABC Stainless Ltd

ABC Stainless Ltd (Formed in 1981) are a specialist stainless steel fabrication company, offering a full range of services including design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning to a broad range of industry sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Architectural
  • Bio-Gas
  • Bio-Bio-Fuel
  • Brewery
  • Construction
  • Cosmetic
  • Food & Drink Processing
  • Off Shore Petroleum and allied industries
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Rail Infrastructure
  • Re-cycling
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment

Our commitment to manufacturing products of the highest quality has earned us our reputation as one of the UK`s leading stainless steel specialists. Over many years we have worked with a variety of major contractors and have been involved with many prestigious projects including Prestige Aerospace contracts, London 2012 Olympics, Bloodhound SSC - World Land Speed Record, Crossrail - Canary Wharf Station, The New King`s Cross Station Concourse, Ashford - International Station, A406 Hanger lane - New Bridges and internationally renowned sculptor “David Begbie” - Architectural Stainless Steel “ChaChaCha” Statue.

As well as having gained ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, Achilles UVDB and CE Mark to BS EN 1090, ABC has been approved by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) under the "Drinking Water Inspectorate" (DWI 56.4.516)  for the manufacture of “Weldless Collar Pipe System” and Storage, Process Tanks & Vessels.

By using the efficient project management and the latest 3D modelling software together with a highly skilled and experienced workforce ABC will ensure your project is delivered to the required specifications, budget and delivery deadlines. Where required, we also offer material certification, quality plans, procedures, employee certification / testing and third party Insurer witness testing.
We welcome enquiries relating to sheet, plate & tube in all grades of stainless steel, aluminium and exotic alloys, with a full range of material finishes available including bead blast, bright (mirror) polished, satine (brushed) polished and 2B.

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Our company is acknowledged as a specialist in stainless steel fabrication. Our purpose built factory of 2,600 sq. meters, has an overhead lifting capacity of 6,064 kilos, giving us the flexibility to fully or part fabricate in-house as required, with no job being too big or too small for us to undertake with care and precision.

We take pride in our ability to complete projects to client specification and budget, with the ability to manufacture a diverse range of products and materials with our specialist equipment, and ample workspace, we cater for a wide range of customers and services.

ABC Stainless Ltd offer its clients experience and manufacturing facilities far in excess of a general fabrication company, having invested far over a million pounds in recent years purchasing the latest machinery and fabrication equipment including CNC waterjet and laser cutting facilities, rotary welding equipment and other services some of which are unique to the company, including specialized software designed to reduce wastage and cut customer costs.

Although we are stainless steel specialists we are by no means limited to this one material we welcome the opportunity to fabricate in many materials from one off designs to complete design and manufacturing briefs to meet our clients requirements. We offer experienced staff within all areas of design and fabrication both at ABC Stainless and for on-site work.


Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel Pipework

ABC Stainless Ltd are specialists in pipework manufacture. Fabrication is undertaken at our works using the latest facilities and services. Pipework can be manufactured to clients requirements and supplied with Hydrostatic test certification.

All welding is undertaken by BS EN 287-1 Coded Welders, with all welds purged as standard, as are pulled tees connections.

Whether it is a swept tee or complicated manifold, we have the in-house facilities available to manufacture to our clients requirements. We are unique in offering a full range of fabrication facilities including tanks, pressure vessels, access platforms, cones, manifolds, fittings, reducers, hand railing and architectural supply.

ABC Stainless Ltd "Q" pipework, is "Approved for use in public water supplies", Regulation 31-33.

We are one of only a few companies who offer weldless taft forming on the ends of pipework and pulled equal tees up to 350 mm dia. Our standard "Q" pipework system is supplied with pulled tees and tafted ends, complete with rotary backing flanges. However, we also offer stainless steel pipework with fully welded flanges.

Pipework will be supplied free of all burrs, sharp edges and discoloration in the heat-affected zone removed.

Bolt sets and gaskets supplied upon request.

We welcome the opportunity to tender against client drawings, offering our services, together with pipe spools manufactured with the minimum of welds.

Our reputation as stainless steel fabricators goes back to before 1981, when the company became Limited, being reflected in our client portfolio, practical application and in-house facilities, some of which are unique. Utilizing quality assurance standards gained from cosmetic, water treatment, pharmaceutical, offshore oil & gas, chemical, brewery, food & drink processing and allied industries.

We stock many types of pipework, and are well experienced in fabricating for a large range of industries including dairy, metric true bore, nominal bore, ISO, hygienic and ornamental, therefore we should have no problems in being able to fulfil your requirements. Any enquires are welcome.


Stainless Steel Pipework

Weldless Collar Pipe System

The ultimate, fabricated pipework system available, developed with the water industry in mind, this stainless steel pipework system eliminates site welding, due to its unique design and fabrication.

Called the Weldless Collar Pipe System, it is capable of 16 bar pressure, light weight, easy to  install and cost effective for site installation

Being manufactured using stainless steel, it is ideal for numerous industries, including oil & gas, especially in todays cost conscious environment.

The Weldless Collar Pipe System meets major requirements of the chemical and food processing industries, being approved by the Lloyds Register and to ASME standards.

The standard Weldless Collar Pipe System, is manufactured using metric stainless steel, type 304 & 316 tube, complete with weldless pulled tees*, weldless tafted ends* and rotary backing flanges.

* Weldless pulled tees - formed directly from the tube resulting in a butt joint at the pull and no other cutting or welding of the tube (see bottom of page for example).

* Weldless tafted ends - formed at the end of the tube, with no welding required. Fitted with a rotary backing flange (see bottom of page for example.)

Available in pipe sizes ranging from 80 mm to 400 mm dia, it is ideal where complicated manifolds and pipe spools are required, it has the added advantage of having considerable benefits over conventional site fabricated systems.

Eliminates: site fabrication. Just bolt together.

Coded Welding X-ray costs.

Difficult bolt-hole alignment .

Benefits include:

Reduced fabrication and installation costs.

Constant high quality with precision - every time.

Tafted ends formed on straight or pre-bent pipes.

Tafted ends formed, with backing flanges.

No tacking, welding or brazing.

Backing flange material options available.

Spools pressure tested, if required.

Fabricated to client drawings.

3D drawings supplied for installation.

Rotary backing/collar flanges can be supplied in a variety of materials for all manner of hygienic and process needs, i.e. stainless steel, pressed stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel and powder coated.


Weldless Collar Pipe System

Hygienic Tanks & Pressure Vessels

All tanks and vessels made at ABC Stainless are custom made to BSEN 288 standards including all weld procedures undertaken by BSEN 287-1 coded welders. We are also able to offer pressure vessels to BS5500 cat 3 including all documentation and arrangement of third party inspection and testing.

All tanks and vessels fabricated here at ABC come with The Department of Water Industries approval of ABC Stainless storage process tanks and vessels for use in public water supplies. (Regulation 1989 no.1147)

Where jacketed vessels and tanks are specified, these can be manufactured using conventional methods or the latest template or dimple jacketing.

Both template and dimple jacketing fabrication methods are now being specified where cost heat/cold transfer efficiency are prime requirements. Using either of these economical heat/cold transfer plates for exterior or interior tanks, pressure vessels or conveyers, we are able to fabricate to a diverse range of shapes and styles including dished ends and cones. This method generates a "Free flow pattern" for the heating/cooling material thus reducing fatigue failure from condensation build up. Manufactured in stainless steel, this single embossed sheet is one of the many unique cost effective fabrication facilities available to our clients, giving greater material strength when used as jacketing material and in many cases allowing a reduction of material thickness. Design and operating pressures determine the jacketed material thickness if you have any questions or enquires don't hesitate to ask.

Single embossed heat exchanger plate is suitable for numerous industries including: chemical, textile, brewery, pharmaceutical, dairy, beverage, waste treatment, paper, food and drink processing.


Hygienic Tanks & Pressure Vessels


The Consaf stainless steel handrail system is durable, corrosion resistant and a maintenance free product. This product is now specified by clients, being used in the food & drink, cosmetic, petrochemical and chemical industries, where build quality, hygiene and end appearance are critical factors, along with health and safety.

CONSAF is durable, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

CONSAF is manufactured as components, to allow ease of installation.

CONSAF is available in various options:

Standard - with components supplied ex-stock.

Partly Installed - pre-fabricated in specified units, for you to install.

Fully Fabricated - site installed by experienced fitters.

Specifically designed for safety at work, independent tests undertaken show it conforms to BS6180:1982 table 2, together with having Design Council approval.

CONSAF stanchions are available with one, two or multiple hand/knee rails, manufactured from 50 mm tube, with the rails in 32 mm stainless steel, type 304 or 316 tube.

CONSAF stanchions offer various options in securing the hand/knee rail, including the use of a grub screw, anaerobic glue, welding or crimping; all of which provide a rigid assembly, locking against movement, corrosion and bacterial attack.

CONSAF offers a stainless steel safety handrail system, designed to be versatile and practical in its comprehensive range of bends, end closers and stanchion optional fixings. Giving the client the option to have a standard or customized handrailing system to suit your needs.

It is ideally suited for any situation due to its hygienic and aesthetic properties and is probably the most flexible cost effective system on the market today.

Where access for equipment maintenance is a priority, stanchions can be flow drilled, where the hand/knee rails pass through, securing the rail with a grub screw, giving the additional benefit of removable hand/knee rails.

We welcome enquiries for individual project designs, undertaking specific architectural enquiries, including the supply of glass and metal infill panels.




ABC Stainless Ltd welders are certificated to British Standard - BS EN 287-1 and American Welding Society - AWS D17.1/D17.M:2010-AMD1, able to weld all types of stainless steel, austenitic and duplex. 

It is a standard procedure at the company to undertake pipe spool welding using a purging gas inside the spool.

Whether stainless or aluminium we offer a complete welding service, with welding procedures for MIG and TIG. In addition we have facilities for MMA and spot welding.

ABC Stainless Ltd will undertake welding on client sites, when installing its products or undertaking remedial work for established clients.

Burrs and sharp edges and discoloration of the heat affected zone can be removed using pastes or bead blasting to give a uniform finish.

Please contact


Bespoke Design

At ABC we are able to offer custom designed and fabricated items, from large bespoke sculptures to small decorative plant pots.

We offer a complete design & fabrication solution for all manner of situations and locations from architectural to industrial.

Our facilities allow us to make almost anything in stainless steel...If you can dream it up - we can make it!. If you have any queries as to feasibility don't hesitate to ask.

We are also able to offer customers sign writing of any style or type thanks to our complex computer software. This allows us to design laser etched typography, images, dropouts and cut images. These items can then be created using our extensive range of machinery including laser and waterjet cutting. Components can then be finished by either glass bead blasting, or in a range of different polishing options offered by our dedicated in-house polishing shop.

Sheet metal software allows the development of curved and irregular shapes to be drawn as flat patterns. These patterns can then be sent digitally to our laser or waterjet machines to be cut from sheet or plate. When cut out, the shapes can then be rolled, pressed, formed and shaped to the final design.

This facility is ideal for architectural projects, where commissioned items are required to achieve not only functionality but quality of appearance.

For more information call us on tel: 01733 314515 with your requirements.

Bespoke Design

CAD Design & Drawing

We have a highly qualified and experienced design team working from our purpose built design facility which uses the latest software and hardware. We offer services for all our clients' project work including concept designs, structural design, manufacturing drawings and 3D modelling. Using AutoCad and SolidWorks drawing/modeling software, together with programs developed by ourselves to increase speed and accuracy, client project design and drawing/detailing times can be greatly reduced.

We use a customized version of Sigmanest software which allows us to perform complicated nesting programmes to maintain the efficient working of our laser and waterjet cutting machines, which are all computer controlled, along with the use of our own developed programs this allows us to optimise material usage and cutting area, which means we can deliver our clients highly competitive prices reducing material wastage.

We also use other programs including Sigmatek, Develop software used for unfolding complicated 3D structures into 2D flat patterns, which can then be cut on our laser and waterjet machines and fabricated.

Electronic drawings can be accommodated in all file formats.

CAD Design & Drawing


ABC Stainless Ltd facilities offers its clients a wide range of material finishes for its fabrications, keeping total manufacture direct with one supplier.

Facilities for polishing and blasting


All grades of polishing undertaken, from dull through to mirror. Mirror finish is achieved by building up the shine using various grades of polishing wheels, ideal for all types of items, including hand railing, where a highly polished finish is aesthetically pleasing. This finish is ideal for bespoke items, such as sculptures.

Bead Blasting

Using in-house purpose built segregated facilities, we are able to offer all manner of surface finish, including grit, bead and aluminium oxide blasting.

Our EnvironClean bead blasting, achieves no pitting or distortion of the final surface. N.B. distortion is dependent on material thickness

Bead blasting is available both at our factory, and at clients site (by prior arrangement).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


On - Site Installation

All site work is under taken by mobile teams of qualified experienced personnel supplied on daily rates or contracted for specific periods of time depending on clients' requirements.

All on site employees are qualified to E.C.T.I.B, with individual disciplines in welding, site awareness, health and safety and environmental issues.

We welcome enquires of all manner of stainless steel products, in either ANSI304, ANSI316 or duplex grades, with welding undertaken by BSEN287-1 qualified welders, we can offer bead blasting which is to a hygienic finish this service is available both at our factory, and at clients site by prior arrangement.

We would be pleased to advise clients of our wide and varied range of work under taken in various industries upon request, with an experienced team with all work guaranteeing quality assurance standards in the industries from cosmetic, waste water treatment, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, brewery, food and drink processing, off shore petroleum and allied industries.


On - Site Installation

Laser Cutting

By combining the latest cutting technology and CNC programming software, high quality cut items can be profiled from sheet and pipe material. When combined with a sophisticated materials nesting package full utilisation of materials can be achieved resulting in cost effective production.

The flat bed cutting area allows fabrication of 3 metres x 1.5 metres, with material thickness from 0.5 mm up to 8 mm in stainless and carbon steel. Using this method material is profiled both quickly and accurately to tolerances of +/-0.125 mm.

We also offer a revolutionary CNC rotary cutting facility, enabling pipework up to 6 metres in length to be profiled in a manner not readily available until now.

The laser also gives us the opportunity to offer customers specialized profiled items, such as key rings or engraved items , together with signage, giving intricate detail and precision. Using specialist software, we are able to produce etchings at different diameters of all manor of images and text, for all types of structures and locations.

Laser profiling gives many benefits over conventional cutting, saving on other operations normally needed after using traditional cutting methods. These include: machining, drilling, dressing, de-burring and finishing. All resulting in less rejects, material wastage, specialist tooling and material cost savings.

Please use or contact form with your enquiry


Laser Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Our Waterjet profiling machine uses computer CNC control systems and customised software to produce accurately cut components of the highest quality. The state of the art process consists of a thin jet of pressurised water, containing a very fine abrasive, operating at pressures in excess of 60,000 psi, with an accuracy of +/- 0.4 mm.

Utilising waterjet and plasma cutting heads, fitted to a custom built machine, a wide variety of thick materials can be profiled, using the 6 metres x 3 metres cutting bed, producing both cost effective and accurately cut items.

We are unique in offering CNC rotary cutting of pipework, up to 6 metre in Length x 600 mm dia. This is ideal for complicated swept tee pipework branches, etc.

All manner of intricate shapes can be achieved by the CNC guided jet and together with the sophisticated nesting programme, developed by ABC Stainless Ltd, full material utilisation is achievable with minimum wastage reducing in client costs.


Fast and accurate cutting.
Materials cleanly cut, with no discoloration.
No need to de-burr the cut edge.
Eliminates the need for finishing operations.
Economical usage of materials using CAD nesting.
Cuts metals in excess of 90 mm.
Machine design gives it a large sheet capacity and better sheet yields.
No heat affected zone or heat distortion.
Compatible with clients own CAD drawings or artwork in any digital file format.

Waterjet cutting is available for the following materials:

acrylic- aluminium - bonded fibre materials - brass - bronze - carbon fibre - carpeting - ceramics - copper - composite materials - fibreglass - glass - reinforced plastics - granite - hard carbon - iron - kelvar - leather - manganese steel - marble - nickel alloys - plastics - polycarbonate - P.T.F.E - PVC - rubber - stainless steel - titanium - wood - etc.

If you have a different material, please contact us for further information.


Waterjet Cutting

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