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We are a specialist magnetic sheet supplier and provide a comprehensive range of magnetic sheets ideal for creating fridge magnets, displaying photos and for promotions, signs and display applications.

The specialist magnetic sheets are easy to cut with scissors and are available with self adhesive backing and in white gloss vinyl and white gloss, dry wipe sheets.

Magnetic Paper

Our magnetic paper is supplied in standard packs and suitable for use in both inkjet and laser printers. Magnetic paper is available in matt and glossy finishes.

Magnetic Tape

Our magnetic tape is supplied on the roll and ideal for a diversity of applications. They are available with a standard adhesive back suitable for application to paper and board or a foamic adhesive enabling them to be applied to uneven surfaces. A premium adhesive magnetic tape is also available for application to plastics and metal.

Magnetic Hooks And Clips

Our magnetic hooks and clips can be used to keep important documents together without damaging the paper. Magnetic hooks and clips also offer a colourful and stylish alternative to paper clips. They are available in two colours and two different sizes.

Magnetic Discs, Rings And Bars

We have a comprehensive range of magnetic discs, rings and bars available including ceramic, low power magnetic discs ideal for children's crafts.

Our magnetic discs, ring and bars also include Neodymium iron boron magnets. These are our most powerful permanent magnet and need careful handling. They are available in packs with differing sized diameters and are also available with adhesive backing and different polarities for pairing applications.

Magnetic Paper Rolls

Magnetic paper rolls are ideal for digital printing and water based digital printing. Magnetic paper rolls are available with matt and gloss finishes.

Magnetic Sheet Packs

Our magnetic sheet packs include a range of varied packs of A4 magnetic sheets with a variety of properties ideal for many projects around the house and office.

Magnetic sheet is easily cut by scalpel and scissors and our magnetic sheet packs consist of white gloss vinyl sheets that can be painted on with acrylics paints or used as a magnetic stencil. 

Flex O'Metal Rolls

Flex o'metal rolls can transform any surface into a magnetically receptive display area and is ideal for applying printed vinyl graphics and creating notices and menu boards.

Flex o'metal rolls are available with a white gloss finish, a white dry wipe finish or with an adhesive back. We also provide heavy duty cans of spray adhesive ideal for application to walls and other substrates.  

Magnetic Tape Cut Pieces

Our extensive magnetic tape cut pieces are available in a variety of pre-cut lengths and our standard adhesive magnetic tape cut pieces are suitable for application to paper and board as well as most smooth surfaces and plastics.

Pre-cut lengths are also available with white foamic self adhesive and we provide magnetic pairs, cut to size, and ideal for use in magnetic bookmarks and folder closures.

Magnetic Fixings And Misc.

Our range of magnetic fixings and miscellaneous fixings include stitch-able magnetic buttons perfect for clothing and textile application. We also have super strong badge fixing magnets perfect for attaching ID badges and helpful for avoiding holes in your clothing.

Magnetic fixings and miscellaneous products also include magnetic bars for securing household articles such as knives and scissors, magnetic picture hooks and magnetic coat hooks.

Vehicle Magnetics

Our range of vehicle magnetics includes vehicle grade magnetic sheets for use with automotive applications. The grade of vehicle magnetics refer to the grade of compound used to produce the sheets and achieve the magnetic pull force.

This range also includes magpads. These magnets are mounted on a steel backplate with M5 stud and Nylock nut for easy use. They are ideal for securing vehicle roof signs.

Whiteboard And Accessories

Our whiteboard and accessories comprise of magnetic markers in a range of colours and sizes and perfect for use with magnetic white boards and magnetic displays.

Our whiteboard and accessories also include magnetic board erasers, whiteboard pens and holders, whiteboard cleaning spray, and dry wipe pens with self adhesive clips.

Adhesives And Adhesive Tapes

Our comprehensive selection of adhesives and adhesive tapes are ideal for display and mounting applications and include double sided solvent acrylic adhesive tape and double sided high bond adhesive tape.

Adhesives and adhesive tapes also include a double-sided white foam adhesive suitable for application to most surfaces, spray adhesives and glue dots.

Velcro Brand Hook And Loop Fasteners

Velcro brand hook and loop fastener is a Velcro product supplied on a roll. Contact us if you need several rolls of Velcro brand hook with or without a loop. The rolls are white but black is available on request.

Carriage And Freight Upgrades

Our carriage and freight upgrades services can guarantee your deliveries are supplied next day or early morning. If for some reason your order cannot be delivered, we will quickly inform you.

Please remember carriage and freight upgrades are only available for UK mainland addresses.

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