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ABI Electronics is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for the electronics industry, as well as a renowned contract electronics manufacturer.

ABI Electronics Limited was founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1984 as a limited company. The company produced the ICT-24, the world's first low-cost digital IC tester, and expanded rapidly as sales of this popular product grew.

A move from a small factory unit in 1985 was followed just two years later into much larger premises. The company grew steadily from there, opening a second factory in 1989 and in 1998 expanding yet again to its present headquarters in Barnsley, Northern England.

The trend of increasing complexity fault diagnosis products, at ever increasing prices, was broken by ABI in 1991 with the SYSTEM 8 Range which was designed and produced at a much lower cost while providing an unprecedented level of fault diagnosis capability.

The company is now selling more products, numerically speaking, than ever before, and is continuing to develop new products taking constant account of customer comments and suggestions.

ABI have over 28 years experience of developing the highest quality testing and fault-finding equipment, backed by a global reputation for quality and service. We have absolute confidence in our manufacturing capabilities, which is why UK manufacturers consistently turn to us for their Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM).

ABI Electronics Ltd is certified in accordance with ISO9000-2001. The system is based on our ongoing commitment to quality, professional fulfilment of our duties and constant expansion and development.

So whether you are a manufacturer looking for a specialist supplier you can rely upon, or looking for the best in test and fault-finding equipment, a wealth of technology is at your command with ABI.

Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services (CEM)

ABI offers a complete range of services to cover all aspects of contract electronics manufacture. These services include:

  • Full materials procurement
  • Automated and manual assembly from bare board through to final boxed and packaged unit
  • Cable assembly and wire looms
  • Design for manufacture
  • Test, inspection and repair
  • Prototyping and volume manufacture
  • Component programming (in-system as well as out of circuit)

At ABI, quality, flexibility and customer satisfaction are paramount. We aim not just to become yet another supplier, but a true partner. We can offer low set up costs and unrivalled fast turnaround times at an extremely competitive cost.

BoardMaster 8000 PLUS Universal Diagnostic System

The ABI BoardMaster 8000 PLUS Universal Diagnostic System is a uniquely versatile, self-contained and easy-to-use test system. It offers the most comprehensive set of test instruments for fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB. With the full range of instruments and a variety of test methods guaranteeing the best possible fault coverage, the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS provides the ultimate in diagnostic tools.

SYSTEM 8 Advanced Test Module

The Advanced Test Module (ATM) is a solution designed for the test and diagnostics of all logic PCB assemblies, from single component testing in-circuit up to complete assembly functional checks.

The Advanced Test Module is a solution that offers high test capabilities and comprehensive fault diagnosis with a high degree of flexibility. Powerful test combinations ensure the best fault coverage on PCBs or components and include functional, connections, voltage, thermal and V-I signature tests. A sophisticated but easy to use system with minimum user input required ensures that components and PCBs are tested efficiently and faults are detected rapidly.

SYSTEM 8 Board Fault Locator

The SYSTEM 8 Board Fault Locator provides the user with the ability to functionally test all common digital ICs in and out-of-circuit. A combination of industry recognised test techniques provides a high level of fault coverage. Additional tools are provided by the SYSTEM 8 Premier software to further enhance the unit's wide range of applications.
The BFL can be upgraded to include up to 256 channels (in 64 channels steps) which enables live comparison of good and bad boards.

The Board Fault Locator can be fitted inside a standard PC case with PCI interface (one empty CD-ROM bay required) or inside an external case (MultiLink) with USB interface.

SYSTEM 8 Analogue IC Tester

The SYSTEM 8 Analogue IC Tester is the answer to testing analogue devices. The key feature of the AICT is its ability to functionally test all common analogue ICs and discrete devices in circuit. It is also capable of identifying and testing all types of analogue components by means of the well-known, power off V-I test technique.

The Analogue IC Tester can be fitted inside a standard PC case with PCI interface (one empty CD-ROM bay required) or inside an external case (MultiLink) with USB interface.

SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station

The SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station provides no less than 8 high specification test and measurement instruments in one compact module. Ideal for design or education, or for general purpose work bench use, the MIS really is a complete laboratory on your PC. Each instrument may be customised to suit special applications.

The Multiple Instrument Station can be fitted inside a standard PC case with PCI interface (one empty CD-ROM bay required) or inside an external case (MultiLink) with USB interface.

CircuitMaster 4000M Precision Active Oscilloscope

The CircuitMaster 4000M Precision Active Oscilloscope is unlike any other oscilloscope as it provides some innovative test and measurement functions that enable engineers and technicians to perform several new types of circuit analysis.

The CircuitMaster 4000M is designed for safe probing of closely spaced components by adding precision DC measurement, signal storage and analysis functions to a traditional oscilloscope design. Indeed, a built in accurate voltmeter (24 bit) removes the need for multiple instruments, thus making the CircuitMaster a complete test and measurement station. In addition, the Active mode allows signals (AC and DC) to be injected into the board when required, allowing circuit conditions such as drive strength and source impedance to be checked – which is not possible with traditional oscilloscopes. In AC Active mode, the unit behaves much like a function generator. The CircuitMaster even has a built-in LogicView 4 channel analyser for logic signal display along with the 2 analogue inputs. FirmFlex and VI Curve functions provide impedance signature analysis on powered and un-powered boards.

JTAGMaster Boundary Scan Tester & Programmer

The JTAGMaster Tester and Programmer is a fully integrated solution for the configuration and diagnostics of Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs). This unit includes :

  • A boundary-scan tester to arbitrarily observe individual pins and therefore determine their functionality. This information can be saved in customisable test procedures which can also include pictures and datasheets. EXTEST mode is also available to manually change the state of pins and trace the effect(s) on the other device(s) in the chain. Scan Check is a multi-license software to run boundary scan checks on multiple stations.


  • A programming interface designed to handle industry standard JAM STAPL files (Standard Test And Programming
    Language) and SVF files (Serial Vector Format) to send programming instructions as well as testing functions to the device. ABI uses the JTAG Standards (Joint Test Action Group, compatible with IEEE1149.1) which ensures compatibility between all compliant ICs.

SENTRY Counterfeit IC Detector

The ABI SENTRY is a unique solution for the quick and easy detection of Counterfeit ICs and components. ABI Electronics has over 28 years of experience in the field of Test & Measurement equipment as well as Contract Electronics Manufacturing. Knowledge of both industries has allowed ABI to design this product around two main concepts:

  • To offer a simple and easy to use system that can be operated by any personel, and particularly non-technical staff.
  • To provide a powerful solution that would lead to the detection of counterfeit devices, thus protecting a business from very high unexpected costs.


RevEng Schematic Learning System

The RevEng schematic learning system is a powerful yet simple to use system designed to generate professional schematics from a sample board. Maintenance and repair of electronic equipment suffers from the lack of circuit diagrams. With RevEng, implement a cost effective maintenance strategy that is independent of the original manufacturer or service provider.

Compacts Professional IC Testers

The Compact professional range offers easy to use out-of-circuit IC testing with an optional programming facility. Simply plug in the device, key in its number and the unit will do the rest. Proven test software using advanced technology makes the units ideal additions to your toolkit. ABI offers two models :

SYSTEM 8 Advanced Matrix Scanner

The SYSTEM 8 Advanced Matrix Scanner is the latest addition to the SYSTEM 8 range and offers new and unique features for the testing and diagnostics of components under power-off conditions.
Using a novel approach to V/I signature testing, the SYSTEM 8 AMS increases test coverage by varying the frequency of the test signal to observe the DUT's (Device Under Test) response over a frequency range. This can lead to finding faults not detectable with other instruments.
The AMS also benefits from 64 channels to speed up acquisition and to test high pin count devices as well as complete PCBs. Single channels can also be used for local analysis. Thanks to configurable pulse outputs, dynamic tests can be run on gate-activated devices (triacs, transistors, SCRs etc...) with no power applied to the board.


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