Abplas Ltd


Abplas Ltd :- With over six decades of experience, we are major stockists of all sheet plastics including acrylic sheet and Perspex sheet in London.

With our acrylic sheet and Perspex sheet in London and various other plastic materials, we cut, drill, polish and glue on our premises. We also fabricate, mould and engrave at our off-site facilities.

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet London

Abplas Ltd :- We supply and modify polycarbonate solid sheet in London. Our polycarbonate solid sheet in London is just one part of our supply and process service for building plastics.

As well as various other flat sheet materials such as polypropylene and foam PVC, we also stock and supply materials for roofing, PVC extrusions, packaging and a variety of sundry options such as mirror screws and polishes.

PVC Sheeting in London

Abplas Ltd :- We stock and supply PVC sheeting in London.

As well as differing styles and specifications of PVC sheeting in London, we also cover flat sheet foam PVC, corrugated PVC for roofing and we have PVC extrusions available from stock.

Secondary Glazing

Abplas Ltd :- Within our PVC extrusions supplies, we provide options for secondary glazing.

Our stock and supply of secondary glazing includes different types of edgings to seal draughty windows and doors.

Foam PVC Sheet

Our vast and all-encompassing supply of various building plastics covers many options in flat sheet plastics such as foam PVC sheet.

As well as foam PVC sheet we also supply differing styles of acrylic, polycarbonate solid sheet and high impact styrene.

Adhesives and Sealants

As well as vast options in plastic building materials, we also have a number of options in sundries such as adhesives and sealants to complement the main product range.

We supply adhesives and sealants such as specialised solvents designed specifically for plastics.

Cutting and Drilling Services

As one of the UK's largest stockists and suppliers of all basic building plastics, we also provide related cutting and drilling services.

Our cutting and drilling services complement all of the plastics we supply and no matter what your specific requirement may be, we will have the solution.

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