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Abraham Associates Ltd help its customers turn their product ideas into revenue and have been doing this since 1992. As a technical and creative Product Design and Development company based on the East side of Southampton, Hampshire, UK, we provide succinct design solutions to the functional and aesthetic. Along with the latest 3D computer aided design (CAD) tools, our multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience include Mechanical Engineering, Design for production, Engineering Product Design, Industrial Design, Electronics and software. Together, these form a service to develop a wide range of products from concept to manufacture. We also provide production support.

The scope of our experience spans products from low volume high value to high volume low cost, single components to large complex assemblies and systems. Our work has also been in many industry sectors and to companies from start-ups to large corporations.

Redcop rapid deployable CCTV camera system at IFSEC 2014

Redcop rapid deployable CCTV camera system at IFSEC 2014

Redcop was developed for Redvision CCTV and exhibited at IFSEC. The product allows a security system with a CCTV camera to be quickly depolyed on an open area such as roadworks or construction site. The CCTV camera was previously designed and developed by Abraham Associates Ltd so Redcop was a good application in another market.

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