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At ABRIC, we are one of the top five providers of security sealing solutions across 80 countries worldwide. We specialise in supplying tamper evident security seals. We have over 25 years of experience in the tamper evident security sealing industry. We boast a fantastic assortment of products for industrial and commercial use including luggage seals, aircraft and container seals.

Barrier Seals

We supply tough and secure barrier seals to provide tamper evident security for a variety of applications. Our barrier seals are often used to provide security seals on trucks, containers and rail freight.

Our range includes:

  • AluLock
  • EinLock
  • UnoLock 2.0
  • PadLock
  • HanaLock
  • PlaskaLock
  • UnoLock 3.0
  • CustoLock
Barrier Seals

Fixed Length Seals

We supply simple and efficient fixed length seals suitable for sealing containers, tankers, trucks and vehicle doors. Our fixed length seals are easy to use and have a fixed loop design.

Our seals include:

  • TwinLock
  • OctoLock
  • HybridLock
  • InnoLock
Fixed Length Seals

Variable Length Seals

Our variable length seals are flexible and versatile, suitable for use in a variety of industry sectors. Our variable length seals are tamper evident pull-tight plastic seals ideal for use on roll cages, courier bags and airline trolleys. 

The seals include:  

  • SmoothLock
  • JawLock
  • BagLock
  • LightLock
  • LuggageLock
  • Maxi JawLock
  • Mini JawLock
  • RibLock
  • AceLock
  • SentryLock
  • PrimeLock
  • Big Tag Seals
  • TeraLock
  • SegurLock
Variable Length Seals

Special Purpose Seals

We supply a unique and practical range of special purpose seals suitable for bespoke applications.

Our special purpose seals include:

  • Tote box seals
  • Wire seals
  • Twist seals
  • Label seals
  • Pouches
Special Purpose Seals

C-TPAT Products

Our C-TPAT products have been developed to secure cargo for all international commerce. We have made sure that our C-TPAT products are reliable and meet the latest ISO 17712 standards.

The products include:

  • EinLock
  • UnoLock 2.0
  • HanaLock 3.5
  • AluLock 5.0
  • AluLock 3.5
  • UnoLock 3.0
C-TPAT Products

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