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Flight Cases - For maximum protection when transporting your products, use a custom built flight case from Absolute Casing. Built with quality in mind, our flight cases are constructed using only the best materials and furniture. Whist we have a range of standard case styles, all our flight cases are manufactured to order, and designed to best suit your requirements

Budget Case

When keeping the costs down is a major factor and only a low level of protection is required our budget cases are the perfect solution. Light-weight and compact these cases are and ideal solution to casing small products when working to a tight budget. For further information on Budget Cases vist our webiste.

ABS cases

When looking for a good level of protection without compromising on appearance, our ABS cases are the perfect solution. Available in two different styles, the Profi Mobile and Service, click below for more information on ABS cases.

Aluminum cases

Our range of aluminium cases are particularly popular with sales reps wanting to present their products in the best possible way. There are several different styles to choose from with a standard range of sizes for each. A bespoke case design is also an option for larger orders.

  • AES
  • AEX
  • ARK
  • AZKE
  • VDK

Generic Medical Case

Our Generic Medical cases are the perfect option if the case contents are likely to change from time to time. Based around a briefcase style flight case, the generic case is very compact, and with movable internal dividers it is our most universal option for unspecified implant kits. For further information on Generic Medical Cases visit our website.

Implant Case

Implant Case - When the quantity of implant boxes does not warrant a case the size of the 'Medicase' or 'Rotating hinge', we will use this style implant case.Depending on the number of boxes we will use a series of lift out trays stacked vertically within the case, and include an adjacent compartment for instrument trays if required. These can then be removed on request and taken to the operating table. Most commonly we use a retractable handle and small extrusion wheels, to enhance manoeuvrability when moving the case.

Padded Bags

We can supply custom made padded bags, sleeve and pouches all manufactured to the highest standard. We offer a choice of materials and designs to suit your product and budget. We can also supply samples and prototypes to enable you to test and approve a design before committing to final production.

Instrument Tray Case

Instrument Tray Case - The focus for this case was to maximise protection for the instrument trays in a simple cost effective design. 25mm soft foam is used all round to minimise the damage risks associated with transporting high value goods. If a larger quantity of instrument trays needs to be stored within one unit we will opt for a shelved option using a 'Medicase' configuration.

Bespoke / Custom Cases

At Absolute Casing we specialise in bespoke / custom designed flight cases. Over our 8 years in business we have built cases for just about every industry for all kinds of applications.  Whatever your requirement, our team can design the case to suit.  Whether it be adapting a standard case style to best fit you product, or starting completely from scratch with a totally unique design, we will endeavour to find the optimum solution.  There is also a bespoke option on our aluminium, plastic and fabric cases so feel free to give us a call to discuss the options available.

Printer Case

Printer Cases - When casing tall or heavy items, a shallow base with deeper lift off lid is usually the preferred case style. This means that once the lid is removed the user has easy access for lifting the item out, and less height to lift improving the ergonomics of this operation. Large Printers are particularly well suited to this case style, as are large projectors and any other products that are heavy or awkward to lift. For further information on Printer Cases visit our website.

Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard boxes are available from Absolute Casing in a number of different grades. These include a heavy duty triple wall, double wall and a lighter grade single wall.  While cardboard boxes are ideal for single trip transport, the heavy duty versions are durable enough to be used for multiple journeys. Boxes can be screen printed and supplied with bespoke internal foam fittings, or Flo-Pak polystyrene for loose void packing.

Correx Boxes

Our Correx transport boxes are an excellent light weight re-usable packaging solution. Fluted Polypropylene (Correx) is moisture and humidity resistant, fibre free and easy to keep clean. These properties make the product ideal for use in the medical industry as a means of transporting implants and instruments to and from hospitals.  There is also an option of having a sealed edge to the board to prevent contamination of the internal flutes. Another advantage of Correx packaging is that no tape is required to hold the box together so it can easy be unfolded and stored flat pack on site after use.  In addition to the outer box, we can also supply smaller internal trays with divider systems to separate the contents.


Medicase - Designed specifically for the orthopaedic industry the new ‘Medicase’ design fully maximizes storage space within the unit, offering 2, 3 or even 4 sides in which products can be displayed. Using this arrangement a single case can hold up to 250 implants, and with 4 lockable castors it is easy to move and relocate within the hospital. Slim-lined removable doors offer quick and easy access to the case contents. In addition to screen printing the doors with company logos and branding, we can also print the internal fascias with products names and part codes.

Rotating Hinge Case

Rotating Hinge Case - Another popular choice for medical implant storage, the rotating hinge case takes up minimal hospital corridor space. The Case splits in half along a vertical hinged joint allowing it to lay flat along a the hospital wall. As with the Medicase, we can screen print product information on the case internal as well as the standard external case screen print.

Plasma Case

Plasma Case - A design benefiting from years of refinement, our plasma screen cases offer the perfect solution to protection, storage and transport. With an equal base and lid height the plasma is well supported when the case is open, but also at a comfortable height for loading and un-loading. Heavy duty swivel and brake castors are used to ensure the case is both easy to manoeuvre and simple to secure in the desired location.

Absolute Casing Ltd

Established in 1999, Absolute Casing has now been manufacturing bespoke flight cases for 10 years. The Company was started by Edward Franklin (Managing Director) after identifying the increasing demand for transportation cases to protect fragile and valuable products in transit.

With technology developing so quickly and new products coming onto the market everyday, the need for the flight cases escalated rapidly. We started to supply the audiovisual market, and then branched out into the medical industry after being contacted by a number of major players within the field. They were finding it difficult to transport orthopaedic implants and instruments from the central hub into the hospitals and targeted custom built flight cases as the best solution.  The Audio Visual and Medical industry still the make up the biggest part of our business, but over the years we have supplied just about every industry with cases for all kinds of products.

Our personalised service and customer care programme allows an exceptionally fast turnaround from brief to delivery - working to your deadlines not ours. Our attention to detail and quality guarantee, combined with a tailored design service, ensures that the right case is delivered at the right time, every time.

The Company has:

  • Its own purpose built production facilities
  • A highly skilled production team
  • Energetic and focused management
  • A dedicated design department
  • A strong service orientation
  • A rapidly growing, loyal, customer base

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