Here at AC-CESS Co, we have developed the best performing underwater inspection ROV in its class. Our underwater inspection ROV, the AC-ROV 100, is a single operator system certified for all 'feet wet' applications, offshore, onshore or down pipes.

They system includes:

  • Hand carry
  • Rapid deployment (under 3 minutes)
  • Single operator
  • Unequalled mobility
  • Intuitive control
  • Centre-less thrusters (anti-fouling)
  • Robust and serviceable modular design

Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV

We supply the AC-ROV 100 suitable for underwater inspection and observation operations. Our AC-ROV 100 has a breakthrough design to give five degrees of movement against standard three.

The main features include:

  • 100 Operating depth
  • 25m - 120m neutral tether deployment system
  • 3 kg weight/20.3 x 15.2 x 14.6cm size
  • 6 way internal thruster system delivers power required in strong currents
  • 800 line x 0.1 lux colour camera - ideal for dark environments
  • 190mm Fly Through with 3 tethering options
  • Revolutionary single handed 5 axis 3D Controller
  • Total System Packaging under 20kg in single roller case
Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV

3000m Fly-Out System

Working in conjunction with their engineering partner All Oceans Engineering, the AC-ROV 3000m rated fly out offers visual inspection support for host vehicle operations in busy, congested and high risk operating environments. The support this provides can be categorised into two vital roles:

As a BUDDY the AC-ROV 3000 can keep a watching eye on the host vehicle. Duties include checking the tether, giving added perspective on any tool deployments and generally providing an overview of operations. This adds up to reducing risk, limiting host vehicle movement and increased productivity.

As a SCOUT it can be advanced into areas where the host vehicle can not go, or the risks for it are too great, IE: pipe work, wreck inspection, thermal vents etc. Insurance cover for high risk operations can be difficult to obtain or prohibitively expensive.

This is where a less expensive asset comes into its own, which was one of the design drivers for the AC-ROV 3000. The vehicle is small, simple and robust thereby minimising the value and maximising the durability of the part exposed to the greatest risk. Inline with the AC-CESS ethos of mobility and robustness, the AC-ROV 3000 retains the clean, snag free shape and orbital mobility of the original AC-ROV underwater inspection system. The vehicle is garaged on the host ROV and is deployed and recovered by an electric Tether Management System (TMS), another All Oceans specialisation.

3000m Fly-Out System

Remote Control Inspection Robot

Developed as a stand alone Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) tool, this small, wet or dry environment crawler is fully compatible with the industry proven AC-ROV 100 underwater Inspection system. The complete AC-CELL 100 system comes in one rugged waterproof hand carry case with an all up weight of just 20kg. CE marked and certified for all "feet wet" applications, offshore, inshore or onshore, it is the safest and quickest tool for your confined space inspection. Easily deployed in less than 3 minutes the AC-CELL is a single operator system in all aspects of its operation.

• Single Operator
• Hand carry
• Rapid deployment
• 100m depth rating
• 100mm "drive through" diameter
• 73mm "drive under"
• forward and rear view cameras
• compatible with the AC-ROV topside
• plug and play configuration
• free flying or driven inspection capability.

Remote Control Inspection Robot

5000m underwater camera

The AC-CESS Miniature Colour Camera is a high resolution low cost, depth rated to 5000m, visual inspection tool. This high precision quality product is designed to combine with the AC-CESS Miniature LED Light and adjustable pan and tilt bracket.

5000m underwater camera

5000m underwater Lighting

The AC-CESS Miniature LED Light is a low cost, 5000m depth rated, ultra-bright, dimmable, underwater light. This high precision quality product is designed to combine with the AC-CESS Miniature Colour Camera and adjustable pan and tilt bracket.

5000m underwater Lighting
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