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We are experts in providing comprehensive and professional computer services in Surrey, London and many other areas for small and medium businesses.

Our computer services in Surrey and other areas include upgrading and supporting current systems to the deployment of full network infrastructures from scratch.

Network Design

Strong network design substantially increases the positive impact of speed and reliability for data transmission. One solution to enhance the speed of data transmission is by replacing old hubs with cost-effective switches, creating dedicated connections between source and destination.

We can offer advice on this and many other network design procedures and capabilities to improve performance, including cabling, topology, switches and routers.

Server Solutions

As part of our extensive list of services, we provide comprehensive server solutions. Performance and reliability of servers is integral and our server solutions ensure that you never have to be hindered unnecessarily by interruptions or system failures.

We deploy well-specified servers at the outset, providing substantial benefits as the cost of upgrading older equipment is often relatively expensive.

Internet Connectivity

There are many options if you need to improve upon the speed or reliability of your internet connectivity. Our internet connectivity solutions are expansive and cover both home and office requirements.

Options include ADSL, SDSL, cable and lease line and we can provide you with the solutions and advice to ensure you are using the most appropriate connections and settings. We also deliver the necessary software such as appropriate firewalls and routers to maximise your internet connectivity.

Remote Access - VPN

Remote access has the ability of extending the benefits of your network resources to both mobile and home workers. At the same time, it allows data to be consolidated at a central location.

If you connect to a network through a virtual private network (VPN), the utilisation of advanced encryption and encapsulation technology allows data to be securely transmitted across the internet. We supply a variety of VPN solutions using Windows Servers and many large firewall device brands.

Data Backup

We provide comprehensive and professional solutions for data backup and disaster recovery. The loss of important and private data is often met with unwanted or disastrous consequences so we assist you in making sure this never occurs via our disaster recovery plans.

Our data backup solutions are extensive and we also assist you with the restoration of failed systems and data.

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