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We at Acam Instrumentation Ltd supply a fantastic strain gauging service using semiconductor, foil & ceramic technology. All metal work that is supplied can be strain gauged if requested and as long as the material is elastic, the surface must be prepared.

We can design sensors if requested as well as strain gauge. We accomplish the most accurate strain gauging by using foil strain gauges. If cost is at the essence we use ceramic strain gauges.

For more information on strain gauge bonding please visit our website.

Pressure Transducers

We offer pressure transducers by using foil, ceramic and semiconductor technology, if you want to define the pressure and electrical connections just let us know.

Due to our continuous development we frequently achieve very high stability. We can achieve temperature compensation down to 0.003%/degC with temperature bands larger than 150degC.

Our amplified transducers in stock are available with current output and voltage as requested.

Ever since Acam Instrumentation Ltd was formed 20 years ago we have committed to quality state of the art technology and personal advice.

More information on our pressure transducers please visit the website.

Pressure Transducers

Semiconductor Load Cells

We offer load cells using semiconductor, ceramic and foil technology. If the customer supplies a defined mechanical interface & electrical connections for load cells we can supply to match.

We supply:

  • Shear Beam
  • Double Bending Beam
  • Bobbin
  • Cantilever Beam load cells

A range of temperatures up to 200degC can be requested for special order.

For more information on semiconductor load cells please visit our website.

Semiconductor Load Cells

Torque Cells

Using foil and semiconductors Acam Instrumentation Ltd offer transducers and torque sensors in:

  • Torque tube technology
  • Bending beam technology

Your torque cell requirements will always be met by us. Electrical interface can be either plug or flying lead.

For more information on torque cells please visit our website.

Torque Cells

Semiconductor Strain Gauges

We can change your metalwork into a sensor to fit your requirements. We can design sensors using semiconductor strain gauges to accomplish your objectives.

Foil Strain Gauges

We can take your requirements and strain gauge using Foil gauges. We can design a  sensor for your application and achieve your objectives.

Acam Instrumentation Ltd

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