Acam Instrumentation Ltd

We at Acam Instrumentation Ltd supply a fantastic strain gauging service using semiconductor, foil & ceramic technology. All metal work that is supplied can be strain gauged if requested and as long as the material is elastic, the surface must be prepared.

We can design sensors if requested as well as strain gauge. We accomplish the most accurate strain gauging by using foil strain gauges. If cost is at the essence we use ceramic strain gauges.

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  1. Ceramic Gauges

    Ceramic Gauges
    Ceramic gauges are used to measure strain or torque within certain special environments. You will find these being used in the medical sector, when measuring pressure and torque in medical instruments. They also have some application in the military field, although a very limited one. Acam Instrumentation has a great history in the supply of ceramic gauges. These gauges are sourced from well-known and reputable manufacturers. We test all the gauges, for the second time, before we ship them out. We are here to serve you so pick up the phone and call our technical staff and get all the information you need on ceramic gauges.
  2. Foil Gauges

    Foil Gauges
    The foil strain gauge uses metal foil, photo-etched in a grid pattern along the electric insulator on a thin resin which has gauge leads attached to it. Using adhesive tape, the foil strain gauge is bonded to the measurement tool or object. If any strain occurs at the site, it is transferred to the strain sensing element through the base of the base of the gauge. For accuracy, Acam Instrumentation ensures that the measuring material matches the gauge and adhesive in size. Contact our technical team and learn more about foil gauges and how you can make use of them.
  3. Foil Transducers

    Foil Transducers
    Foil Transducers are used in environment where the pressure would simply crush those that are made of silicon. They are used to make instruments that measure pressure within structures such as metal. If you are a contractor and working on a skyscraper, you will need these transducers to measure the pressure within the metal struts that hold up the building. At Acam Instrumentation, we design, manufacture and supply foil transducers which are of the highest standards, given that they have been used in military, general and medical sectors. Contact us for more information on our foil transducers and how we can design instruments for you.
  4. Force Measurement

    Force Measurement
    At Acam Instrumentation, we specialize in supplying and manufacturing force measurement gauges and cells, which help in monitoring high-pressure solid and fluid environments whether you want to measure the torque or pressure in certain structures or the amount of pressure in a pipeline, we have the right solution for you. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and you can rely on our expertise when you need certain custom force measurement tools. Our team is on-hand to give you any information that you need. Contact us and we will give you an information package on all our products.
  5. Load Cells

    Load Cells
    At Acam instrumentation, you will get any kind of load cells that you may need. These have to be inline where they can monitor the forces in your system accurately. We understand that our customer needs are unique and every design is made to fit each customer perfectly. The load ceils that we manufacture are made of Foil, Ceramic and Semiconductor materials, depending on the sensitivity required. Foil is simple, ceramic is for special applications and semiconductor for the best output. Talk to our technical team and get to know more about our load cells and their different applications.
  6. Load Gauges

    Load Gauges
    Load gauges are important in measuring the forces that press down on any structure or system. They need to be inline with the material being measured, so they can take accurate measurements. Foil are made using Semiconductor, ceramic and Foil materials depending on the sensitivity levels that are required. Each unique situation is treated as such and all sensors are customized to the needs of the customer At Acam Instrumentation, we are committed to excellence and the ability to provide the best in monitoring and measurement technology. Contact us and we will give you more information on our load gauges.
  7. Medical Gauges

    Medical Gauges
    Medical Gauges are used for a wide range of medical purposes. The sensors are applied in an OEM manner, or can be engineered into self-contained transmitters or transducers. These sensors come in various stages of completion, having been fully wired and having lead connectors so they can be easily mounted. At Acam Instrumentation, we manufacture medical gauges having a high performance ratio. The sensitive gauges can pick up signals ranging from 1mV/V to 75mV/V. The temperature coefficients come according to your specifications. You can contact the sales team and they will give you more information on our medical gauges.
  8. Pressure Gauges

    Pressure Gauges
    Pressure Gauges are used to measure the pressure in fluid environments such as high-pressure pipes. These are manufactured from ceramic, foil and semiconductor materials. The environment and sensitivity requirements are the ones that determine the kind of materials to be used. The measurements are taken in gauge, differential and absolute values. All pressure gauges operate through direct contact with the fluid or through a tube inserted in the fluid. At Acam Instrumentation, your needs will determine the pressure gauges that we manufacture for you so get in touch with us now and discuss your needs so we can give you an accurate picture of what you will get.
  9. Pressure Sensors

    Pressure Sensors
    At Acam Instrumentation, we design and manufacture pressure sensors from Semiconductor, Foil and Ceramic materials. Each material is geared towards sensing pressure within certain parameters, which are determined by your specific requirements. The sensors are used for taking differential, gauge and absolute measurements. Pressure sensors differ from load cells in that they can be in contact with the main fluid, or use a tube inserted in the fluid. All our products are tested and certified before being shipped out. Get more information from our technical team on how we can design and supply pressure sensors according to your unique specifications
  10. Semiconductor Gauges

    Semiconductor Gauges
    Semiconductor Gauges are usually very small in size, and have a high gauge factor that hovers around 140. A very high output can be attained for a material of any size. The structure being measured can be stiffer than that which is measured using foil gauges. Every gauge is designed according to your specifications. There are temperature compensation procedures that can be customised according to the accuracy that you desire. Acam Instrumentation has produced Semiconductor Gauges for more than two decades. Kindly call our technical staff and they will give you more information on our range of Semiconductor Gauges.