Access Management Solutions Ltd

Access Management Solutions Limited supplies a range of innovative access management and data collection products:

1. CyberLock & CyberKey Access Control.

CyberLock easily converts existing mechanical locks into an access control system without wiring or power. CyberLocks replace mechanical locks or lock cylinders on doors, cabinets, drawers, padlocks, safes, and more. Each CyberLock controls access and records every time it is contacted by a CyberKey®. A single CyberKey® can open all of your locks - but only at the days and times you desire. You will know who opened a lock and when, as well as any unauthorised attempts to do the same. Both lock and key retain a full audit trail of activity and the keys can be remotely activated and programmed.

2. Biometric Security Products

These products meet the ever-changing security needs of property managers and commercial customers. Cutting-edge wireless biometric security products allow the safe access to doors - without the costs of massive infrastructire anmeanical keys.

3. Portable data collection devices for batch data collection.

Industrial strength portable data collectors include cordless barcode readers such as LaserLite for real time remote reading as well as iButton readers such as IBR9000 and PulseStar. Data systems for tracking and identification, including proprietary and new systems that can be configured to suit the business with time, date and reporting functions.

Access Management Solutions Ltd Overview