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With our extensive experience and knowledge of the optoelectronics industry, Access Pacific's manufacturing product range includes the core optoelectronic components which are essential to today's applications. Our range includes low cost and scientific laser diode modules as well as laser diodes in most wavelengths (pigtailed and connectorised in SM MM and PM), photodiodes and sensor products, collimator and lens systems (with or without peltier elements), laser diode driver boards and complete power supplies.

High Power Laser Diode

High Power Laser Diode / Low cost laser diodes

Access Pacific now offers some of the Lowest Priced pigtailed laser diodes and laser diode modules in Europe. For low to high volume requirements for OEM, Education, Research and Industry, the latest ranges cover from 635nm to 1640nm, with a particularly wide choice of power devices for 808nm and 980nm.

Additionally, many of the device types are available as unmounted chips or wafers, making them particularly useful for OEM and Research and Development requirements.

Access Pacific has an innovative and comprehensive range of standard and specialised Optoelectronic products which also includes PIN diodes, ELEDS, and SLEDS for long wavelength applications, and which are available in many package types and pin configurations.

Check our website for details, or contact us for your requirements or to obtain our latest brochure, or a quote. 

Photodiodes and Laser Diodes

Latest pricing news for Long Wavelength Photodiodes

800-1700nm photodiodes in hermetic packaging now at our lowest pricing ever. Special discounts available to educational and research organisations, even for the smallest quantities.

These high performance parts are valued by our customers for their reliability and long lifetime. Our devices are utilised in many varied applications from occasional research to industrial telecommunication and instrumentation. Contact us for details and prices. Immediate delivery is available on many stock items.Low price part numbers include the LWL300, which has an active area of 300μm.

Fibre Pigtailed Laser Diodes for Research
Our range of pigtailed laser diodes now includes the new 660nm 50mW LD. This is available in SM or MM, with or without end connector. Please contact us for further details, quoting part number PTLD660-50SM/MM.  Also available is one of our most popular pigtailed devices, the PTLD830-40SM. This device has a wavelength of 830nm, with an output power according to fibre type and customer requirements. Contact us for details of the standard type, or ask us to prepare a specification to suit your application; whether you require individual units or many devices, we can help. Most wavelengths available in a choice of output power and fibre type. In addition, we offer connectorised versions, also in a choice of commonly available connector types, as well as vcsels in many wavelengths including 780/850/980nm and 1.5 to 2.1μm.Standard laser diodes in 5.6mm and 9.0mm packages are also available from 405nm to 1660nm in a choice of output powers, some up to 200mw.

Other Popular Pigtailed Laser Diodes

  • 638nm SM
  • 655nm SM
  • 660nm SM
  • 670nm SM
  • 780nm SM and MM
  • 808nm MM
  • 820nm MM
  • 830nm SM and MM
  • 850nm SM and MM
  • 880nm SM
  • 904nm MM
  • 980nm SM and MM
  • 1040nm SM
  • 1300nm SM
  • 1480nm SM
  • 1550nm SM
  • 1625nm SM
  • 1640nm SM

Miniature Laser Diode Driver PCB boards

New PCB boards are now available from Access Pacific as part of an expanding series of low cost, versatile, time saving, and essential drivers for laser diodes. These new pcb types are small, but complete and ready to use. They can be utilised either as a stand alone unit for each LD that is powered up, or can be built into a general purpose driver in a small box or suitable housing.

Units now available include:

  • Type: K2D - 6.25mm x 20mm 60mA capability for N type Laser Diodes
  • Type: W01 - 7mm x 11 mm 70mA capability for N type Laser Diodes
  • Type: 200/P01 - 14mm diameter 200mA capability for N type Laser Diodes

These driver boards can be powered by batteries or the usual bench power supply. Ideal for experimental setups, or low cost evaluation. They are not intended to be a substitute for our more fully equipped bench driver/power supplies, but are capable of invaluable work in quite advanced systems.

New Product, Optical transceivers for most applications.

Typical specification:

  • Data rate 1.25Gbps
  • 850, 1310, 1550nm CWDM/WDM
  • Transmission distance up to 120km
  • Duplex LC receptacle
  • Compatible with SONET OC-24-LR-1
  • Digital diagnostic monitor
  • Internal/External calibration
  • 500m with 50/125 MMF
  • 300m with 62.5/125 MMF
  • ROHS

New prices on CPU cards and development kits High spec, low cost microprocessor

Available from Access Pacific is the 32bit RISC core NXC-2620 processor which is suitable for both battery and mains powered applications such as PDA, GPS, camera, camcorder, MP3 player, POS terminal, photoframes, audio equipment, router, industrial automation and control, metrology, thin client applications and single board computers.

The NXC-2620 is a high specification product that features:

  • High performance from a 32bit RISC core at 300MHz
  • External memory controller for 1.8/3.3V 32bit and 16bit memory
  • 8/16bit NAND flash controller enables low cost flash boot
  • MMC/SD card interface to expand storage. SDIO interface for WiFi
  • PCMIA/IDE for expandable storage including IDE hard drive
  • USB 1.1 Host/Device for to/from USB devices
  • STD LCD controller supports up to 800 x 600 pixel at 65,536 colours
  • UART/I²S/AC97/I²C/SPI/SSP low data rate serial interfaces
  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC for network connectivity

With the NXC-2620 supporting both Windows CE 6.0™ and Linux 2.6, the processor and its range of supporting development products offer great versatility for application designers.

The NXC-2620 product range includes:

  • NXC-2620 Development Kit with STD CPU card
  • NXC-2620 Development Kit with CPU and GPU
  • NXC-2620 CPU card standard interface
  • NXC-2620 CPU card with SM502 GPU interface
  • NXC-2620 JTAG ICE debugger
  • Upgrade from STD 4.3 inch LCD to 5.7 and 7 inch

The NXC-2620 CPU Card is available in two versions: standard or with SM502 GPU for video up to 1280 x 1024 and consists of the processor and 128MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND flash, Ethernet 10/100 PHY, JTAG interface, miscellaneous peripherals, and is Windows CE 6.0™ /Linux 2.6 ready.

The NXC-2620 Development Kit V4.0 consists of a base board with the CPU Card installed and a choice of 4.3, 5.7 or 7 inch LCD panel, enabling a versatile application platform. The base board has embedded:

  • Digital LCD interface
  • WM9715 audio codec and touch I/F
  • USB 1.1 Host(x4) and Device(x1) ports
  • SD/MMC/SDIO card holder
  • UART x 3
  • Analogue VGA interface (only for PB502 CPU)
  • 10/100 ethernet
  • RTC/WDT/Timer

These features are combined with the necessary external sockets/connections including: DC power socket and power supply extension socket-USB Host/Device ports-UART-IDE-VGA-Mic in-Line in-Speaker(x2)-Camera interface-Ethernet-SD card holder.

The LCD board supplied with the NXC-2620 Development Kit V4.0 also supports 4-wire resistance touch signal inputs. 

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