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Accon UK are a leading environmental consultancy providing commercial and industrial services across a wide range of disciplines including noise pollution, contaminated land, air quality, vibration and flood risk.

Noise Pollution Consultants

Noise pollution impacts more and more upon all of us as our industrial and commercial expansion continues to push new boundaries, creating opportunities but far too often noise pollution infringes and disrupts normal working patterns, creating direct and indirect problems; with an experienced team of over 40 years standing, we can liase with architects, engineers, planners and clients to mitigate and reduce the levels of noise to within or below acceptable levels.

Contaminated Land

Contaminated land services fall into three basic stages; Phase 1 Desk Studies to identify and current and historical pollution sources. Site Investigation is Phase 2 to carry out intrusive site visits to validate the potential problems identified in the desk study; samples are taken particularly when the desk study indicated Significant Pollution Linkages being present.

Phase 3, Remediation, is the process for working through a structured methodology including liason and action plans with local and regulatory authorities to ensure the agreed site remediation programme is carried out as recommended.

Air Quality Assessment

As with other site developments, the importance of reducing or mitigating air pollutants, particularly in respect of those adjacent to populous areas, are key, more so in urban areas, such as London where there are a significant number of AQMA's (Air Quality Management Areas). There are usually two basic categories for air quality assessment, Site Suitability for residential development adjacen to an existing AQMA; and Impact Assessment, an investigation to determine if new industrial or commercial chnages are likely to cause a significant impact upon this and adjacent areas to the point it could be declared as a new AQMA.

Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA is an important part of our work, looking at all aspects of a planning proposal to provide an overall view and recommendation; our senior consultants are all experienced in the following areas

  • Transportation - Road and Rail
  • Aviation
  • Residential and Commercial Development
  • Sports Stadia and Recreational Facilities
  • Industrial
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Energy and Wind Farm Developments
  • Petro-chemical


Flood Risk

Fllod Risk Assessment or FSA's are growing in demand as climate changes impact more and more land areas of the UK, resulting in what once was described as a 'once-in-a-lifetime' flooding occurring at regular even annual instances.

We can provide scoping reports, provide detailed reports in respect of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)and advice on planning applications.We can also provide detailed analysis and reports on Fluvial and Pluvial flood data, surface flooding run-off including mapping of minor rivers, water channels, raised groundworks etc which all contribute to the overall flood risk pattern.


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