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Accurate Cutting Services supplies a range of bandsaw blades manufactured by Amada, suitable for a wide range of metals including brass, copper, aluminium, titamium, steel and alloys.

Amada has been at the forefront of sawing technology for over 50 years and produces high quality sawing solutions for industrial metal cutting applications. Amada band saw blades are of the highest precisionand suitable for sawing where a good finish and maximum power are required for penetrating the toughest and hardest metals.

Amada is one of very few saw manufacturers that designs and builds sawing machines and saw blades, so optimal performance can be achieved through development of both in tandem. Customer satisfaction is the top priority, and through rigorous Japanese manufacturing methods, only the highest quality products are shipped.

Even the most advanced cutting applications and materials from automotive, aerospace and energy sectors are no match for an Amada saw and blade combination where long life, reliable cutting, and high tolerances are required.

Amada continually invest in research and development, and new products taking advantage of the latest technologies in tooling and machinery are regularly making their way to shop floors the world over. Through feedback from customers and user-distributors like Accurate, blade manufacturing is tweaked to optimise product performance.

From general purpose mild steels to more exotic high duty alloys, Amada has a blade solution to meet the challenge.

Amada understand that the lowest cost per cut does not arrise from the lowest cost of a blade. The blade cost per cut is one of the lowest elements in the total cost per cut, with labour and overheads frequently many times greater. The goal to cheaper cutting is therefore to enable cuts to be made in the shortest time; a feat that can only be achieved when using the toughest blades on the market.

If you would like to discuss the potential benefits of faster cutting and lower costs, call 01527 527058 or 01274 870311 and talk to our sales engineers.


Circular Saw Blades

Accurate Cutting Services believes in using and recommending only the best products from proven quality suppliers.

We stock and supply Julia HSS circular saw blades, in all sizes, coated or uncoated and ground to suit your application and saw.

Coated blades, based on Julia quality bodies offer longer tip life, faster cutting and less wear with reduced chip adhesion to the blade sides through the metal deposition process. These coatings are available in various formulations to suit the metal being cut and coolant and temerature range. Please call to discuss your application and which coated blade is suitable.

HSS circular saw blades in high speed steel (5% molybdenem content) suitable for cutting off steels and alloys with hardness values between 500 N/mm² and 800 N/mm². The saw blades are used on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes, hollow sections and solid sections up to 200mm diameter.

The range goes from 160mm diameter to 620mm diameter, with thicknesses from a minimum of 1 mm to a maximum of 6mm in various increments, with tooth forms A – AW – B – BW – C – BR (chip breaker).

The standard type for the whole range is HP-GRIND; we also supply CO² steam treated blades and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated ones.


Circular saws in super high speed steel SHSS (5% cobalt content) suitable for cutting steels and alloys with hardness values above 800 N/mm². The saw blades are used on semi-automatic and fully automatic machines to cut tubes, thick wall pipes, hollow sections and solid sections up to 200mm diameter.

We stock circular saw blades suitable for all circular saws for metal cutting.

Call to discuss your usage and our recommendation.

Cutting steel using carbide circular saw blades gives high accuracy and an excellent finish to get the pieces in place on the floor.

Our carbide saw blades are suitable for high speed carbide sawing machines including:

  • Tsune
  • Amada
  • Wagner
  • Nishijima
Circular Saw Blades

Sawing Machines

Accurate Cutting Services has provided a cutting solution for the metal manufacturing industries for nearly 50 years. As well as providing an inhouse subcontract sawing facility, we also supply the best in sawing machinery and tooling to companies who have their own sawing facilities.

Some of our machine solutions are:

Amada have designed industrial bandsaw machines for over 50 years and brought many inovative techniques and designs to the sawing process and machinery.

Pedrazzoli manufacture a wide range of saws from small manual pull-down cut-off saws, to fully automated sawing systems complete with handling, unloading and palletising units. They also do more than cutting; they manufacture bending and end forming machines for metal tube products industries.

Our new MCL 120 sawing machine, due to a very thorough design, can cut circular tubes up to 120 mm. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge in the cutting field, we have the opportunity to create sawing machines featuring compactness, sturdiness, and speed.

Soitaab/Friggi is the leader in large capacity vertical, horizontal and gantry saws, brought into one company through the merger of two big names: Soitaab and Friggi.


Sawing Machines

Subcontract Sawing Services

Accurate Cutting Services has been sawing metal as a subcontract service for customers for approaching 50 years.

We operate a wide range of saws, from small capacity circular saws for precision cutting of small diameters down to 6mm, up to large forgings, castings, plate, slab, block, part finished machined items and fabrications with a maximum cross section of 1800 x 2000 or 1000 x 6000 and weight of 25 tonnes.

Our customers are from all areas of manufacturing, involved in metal manufacturing or machining components, including aerospace, automotive, construction, mining, energy and recycling. Accurate prides itself on being able to find a way.

Other areas include reclamation of metals for recycling, resizing to reduce items to furnace charge size and, repurposing of older products to fit new applications; such as cutting down press tools for reuse on new or smaller presses rather than remaking the tool dies from scratch.

General engineering can also save time and money through sawing of part finished items where turning or forging can produce multiple components in one go and sawing releases each component. This can save press times (two components per pressing), improve dimensional accuracy (machining rings or cylenders then sawing to produce collett fingers) or removal of runners, risers and headers from large castings without adding thermal stress or risk of cracking or distortion.

Resizing of large blocks, plate, billets to produce material nearer net shape for subsequent machining operations can both save time and metal (as pared off material is available as larger solid reusable pieces rather than turned into chips).

In the unfortunate event of a component failure, using a subcontract sawing service with the capacity and capability to cut up the failure item to discover the origin/mode of the failure can speed up new product development or contribute to making safer products.

Our subcontract sawing services include sawing solutions to outwardly intractable machining problems producing effective responses where other cutting techniques can produce a poor result or lost material.

Call our subcontract cutting team to discuss how a subsontract sawing service can help solve your problems.


Subcontract Sawing Services
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