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Installation, training and on-going support are to the highest standards.

AccuTime Ltd

Established in 1996 AccuTime Ltd Provide a Rapid Nationwide Mail Order and Installation Service. Most Products will be delivered Next Day when ordered before 1 pm


When you need to record your employees Time AccuTime has the system to meet your needs. We have a range of PORTABLE CLOCKING IN MACHINES as well as PROXIMITY CARD, SMART CARD, SWIPE CARD and BAR CODE SYSTEMS.

We can also supply CARD RACKS SWIPE CARDS, BADGES, TIME CARDS, CLOCK CARDS and JOB CARDS for all makes of clocking in machine, time recorder systems and time clocks.
AccuTime Ltd

Clocking in Machines

Providing a Rapid Nationwide Mail Order and Installation Service to suit YOUR budget. Sales and Rental. Our fully trained engineers are experts in installing bio-metric systems. With many years of practical experience working on customer premises

AccuTime supply by Mail Order or install on site a full range of clocking in machines, time recorders and time and attendance systems including portable clocking in machines, Hand Scanner Biometric Fingerprint systems, proximity card systems, Smart Card, swipe card and bar code systems. We can also supply swipe cards, badges, time cards, clock time cards and badge racks, clock cards and job cards for all makes of clocking on machines, time recorder systems, time clocks. We also supply Job Timers, Time and date Stamps and PC Linked Job Costing Systems. Guard /Watchman/Night Porter Patrol Systems.

Smart Card

JUST £299.00 plus vat saves you £1,000's every year

This extremely popular product is successfully sold and supported around the world, please enquire for postage costs to your country

No Installation
No cables or wires to connect
No moving parts to breakdown
Downloads to PC via Master-Card
Easy to use PC software
Prints an excellent range of Reports via PC
Can E-mail reports to HQ
Can Export directly to Excel
Battery Life 1yr+ (Replacements £9.99) 
Portable can be moved from site to site
Put an end to not knowing who worked when. Or for how long. Order it today - Please allow 5 working days delivery.
What it does: 
Employees insert their Smart-Card on Arrival & Departure
Supervisor inserts the Master -Card to transfer clockings to the PC
Prints Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Date Range reports
Historic Data is retained on the PC forever
Clockings & Reports can be edited
Prints off a variety of reports including:
Overtime, Lateness, Lunch break, Off site \ Business Leave
Designed to Export directly to Excel
Software has 3 levels of password protection
Any Questions? - Contact AccuTime NOW
Tel: 0151 353 0065 - e-mail
What you get: 
Hi Tech Smart-Card Terminal, 1 year guarantee
Wall mounting bracket
PC Master-Card USB Smart Card Reader
Supervisor Master-Card to download the Terminal
Manual, User Guide
CD software
1 Master Card
5 Employee cards


Smart Card

Swipe Card Plus

Great Value for Money, The Plus System Includes:

- Holiday and Absence Reporting
- Multiple Work Patterns
- Employee Planner
- Lateness Reporting
- LAN / Network Enabled Clock

Robust PLUS Magnetic Swipe Card Terminal for Clocking on
Very easy to use Time and Attendance Software giving you the information you need for payroll and HR, including Lateness reports, Total Hours for payroll, Holiday and Absence records, Who's in reports and much more
Cables directly to a PC or LAN
Can plug into the LAN or VPN using TCP\IP Just plugs into your network like a PC
Automatic shift allocation & swapping
Reports on which Department staff are working in
Export reports to Excel

Total Hours for payroll at the click of your mouse and sorts hours into overtime rates 
All your past records available on your PC for easy look up, 
Holidays & Absence Reporting 
One click and data is exported to Excel
Full editing facility
Software has password protection
Easy to use yet powerful software

What it does 
Automatically transfers clockings times to the PC
Full Backup software included so you never loose your important payroll records 
Prints Daily \ Weekly \ Monthly \ Date Range reports  
Clockings & Reports can be edited at the PC
Add more PLUS terminals as your company grows 
Prints off a variety of reports including Normal hours, Overtime, Lunch, Absence, Sick, Who's In, Lateness. Includes Holiday and absence Calendar for each employee 

What you get 
Hi –Tech Robust PLUS Magnetic Terminal
One year guarantee
Full Easy Installation instructions 
Powerful Time and Attendance software CD 
Wall mounting plate, and Key
Comprehensive user guide
30 days Telephone support ensures your system works for you 

All prices + £9.99 postage + vat
Swipe Card Plus

Hand Scanner

If you are considering investing in a Quality Time & Attendance System that will not disappoint then this combination of Ingersoll Rand Hardware and Time America Software is for you.

Completely Eliminates any Trust Issues .

First class return on investment, a one off payment will give your company years of reduced payroll and admin costs

Because the Handscanner recognises the physical shape of the hand it is not affected by dirt on the hand, cuts or plasters. No Fingerprint Reader to Scratch or damage. Robust and 100% accuracy with reliability No Cards to Buy or Lose- No ongoing costs

AccuTime Ltd have been the nominated UK Distributor for Time America Products for over 10 years. Our fully trained engineers are experts in installing Biometric Systems with many years of practical experience working on customer premises. Installation, Training and ongoing support are of the Highest standard.

Employees simply place their hand in the hand scanner to clock in and out Single or Multiple Terminals, connect via LAN, VPN, Modem, GPRS Modem, locally and from remote sites.

Multi user Time and Attendance software.
Can be installed on as many PCs as required. 
Mixture of state of the art data collection terminals or biometric handscanners. 
Totals Hours Worked including Overtime according to YOUR Company Rules 
Will even calculate gross Wage 
Records and reports on Holidays and Absences
Can Export Data to Excel, PDF, RTF, ASCII  
Easy Rostering and Scheduling
Software has password protection
Easy to use PC software

What it does 
View the "Status Board" to see who is in work
Automatically Email Time Sheets and Reports 
Prints the best range of reports available
Prints Daily \ Weekly \ Monthly \ Date Range reports
Clockings and reports can be edited at the PC
Handles Multiple and Rotating Shifts 
Prints off a variety of reports including Normal Hours, Overtime, Lunch, Business Absence etc

What you get 
Hi-Tech Hand Scanner
1 year hardware guarantee
TCP/IP LAN / VPN connection or direct to PC
Top of the range Time and Attendance S\W  
wall mounting plate and key
Includes cable clock to PC or LAN cable
Comprehensive user guide
30 days telephone support, we assist you to set the system up to your working rules 
Full Automation Process for producing and printing or emailing reports

Hand Scanner

Clocking In Clocks

The Fully Automatic TP2000 - £192.00
The TP2000 is the most advanced time / date / numbering printer on the market, and is an ideal choice for Offices, laboratories, workshops & garages. The TP2000 is ideal for use wherever there is a need for recording the time & date onto job sheet, job card, Warranty Sheet or a sheet of paper.

Manual stamping/override option (user selectable).
  Our TP2000 is Guaranteed for 1 year
  TP2000 Features:
+ Accurate log of time & date
+ Choice of print format
+ Professional time & date stamp of documentation
+ Daylight saving adjustment
+ Prints 1/60 mins or 1/100 mins
+ TP20 Perpetual calendar
+ 5 year memory backup
Clocking In Clocks

Card Racks

AccuTime supply racks to suit every size of Time card including credit card size plastic cards and ID badges.

Special Size Clock card Racks
Not sure which rack you need, just measure the width and height of your card and check that with the pocket depth of our special racks chart at the bottom of this page and Call AccuTime on 0151 353 0065 for advice.

Card Racks

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