Ace Components Ltd

We are UK-based specialists in sourcing obsolete electronics. We have hard to find discrete semiconductors (diodes, microwave devices, RF types, thyristors, triacs, transistors etc.) as well as all types of integrated circuits including military products.

We have thirty years of experience and can handle any sized obsolete electronics query with a fast response time.

Other electronics we source include:

  • Electronic valves
  • JAN types
  • FET's
  • Relays

Hard to Find Components

If you are looking for hard to find components, we have the unrivalled service for you. As a specialist UK company serving this niche market, we can find electronic components for you that have either become obsolete electronic components or hard to find components.   We offer a fast response and in-depth personal service which includes military versions, major and non-major brands. We have strong links and relationships with top suppliers across the globe. We supply to both organisations and individuals, so no enquiry is too large or too small.
Hard to Find Components

Semiconductors Lancashire

We source an immensely wide range of semiconductors in Lancashire.

As well as semiconductors in Lancashire, we also source a range of other obsolete electronic components and hard to find electronic components.

These components include:

  • Capacitors
  • Connectors
  • CV numbers
  • Diodes
  • Electronic valves

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