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Our sandblasting equipment is designed to provide efficient blast cleaning with a single phase compressor. Sandblasters are equipped with long lasting tungsten carbide nozzles.   Our sandblasting package offers a flexible and cost-efficient solution durable enough for sandblasting paint and rust without distortion.   It is also gentle enough to deal with alloys and aluminium and can work on fibreglass, wood, glass and stone or etching. Our sandblasting equipment can also effectively operate at high and low pressures.

Soda Blaster

Our soda blaster equipment is perfect for cleaning off mould, graffiti, paint, or baked on grease. We supply the Classic C1S soda blaster. It can perform all types of soda blasting applications and be converted to a standard sandblaster.

Soda blasting can also effectively remove smoke damage, odours, soot, smoke, and anti-foul paint. These can be moved from glass, stone, kitchen equipment, ceramic, swimming pools, and wood. 

Portable Pressure Blastcleaning System

Our portable pressure blastcleaning system are characterised by their full grit control improved by gravity feed giving consistent grit flow at a range of pressures and grit up to 800 microns.

You can control the air pressure on portable pressure blastcleaning systems as required and adjust the consistency of grit in the air stream.

Our blastcleaning system is provided with a high quality tungsten carbide nozzle, filter, regulator, and gauge option and mist separator.

Pressure Sandblasting Equipment

We supply a range of multifaceted pressure sandblasting equipment designed to give efficient operation at high and low pressures.

Pressure sandblasting equipment is ideal for restoring cars, motorcycles, and tractors and can be used on a variety of panelwork, chassis, and brake and suspension components. They are also ideal for use on aluminium panels, castings and alloy parts.

They can be also be effectively used by antique restorers and used on sculptures, statues, wrought iron, stone, leather, and wood. They can also be used on glass, granite and marble. 

Air Requirements

The  ACE, CLASSIC  & SODA sandblasting equipment are designed  to give efficient blasting with a compressor which operates on ordinary household electricity (single phase) - Generally speaking this means a 14 c.f.m. compressor. with that size compressor & a 3mm tugsten carbide nozzle you can maintain 72psi continuously,which is a good blasting pressure.

we also supply smaller (2.5mm) nozzles for those with smaller compressor.

Our sandblasters can also be operated with the larger 3 phase compressors

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