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Here at A-Chem, we have developed a specialist series of auto care professional cleaning products for use in the automotive, janitorial and industrial markets. We design custom cleaning product to suit your specifications. 

Our innovative auto care products include:

  • Vehicle detergents and enhancers - general, pressure wash and TFR, shampoos
  • Bodyworks 
  • Screens
  • Wheels and trims
  • Interiors
  • Engines
  • Motorbike cleaning
  • Caravan cleaning and maintenance
  • Workshops
  • Aerosols
  • Accessories

Janitorial and Hygiene

Our specialist janitorial and hygiene products are designed along side our on-going commitment to reduce environmental issues. Our first-class janitorial and hygiene products are regularly reviewed and improved to meet all waste management, product development, and transportation issues. 

Contract Manufacturing and Own Labelling

We provide contract manufacturing and own labelling solutions to provide you with high quality products. Our unrivaled contract manufacturing and own labelling services are carried out in-house by our professional chemists and graphic designers. They work alongside you to design a new range of product or develop your existing brand.

Timber Treatments and Paints

We pride ourselves in our fantastic reputation for high quality, reliability at affordable prices. We supply innovative timber treatments and paints products to suit your specific needs.

Our specialist timber treatments and paints products include: 

  • Timber concentrates (water based)
  • Timbashield (solvent based)
  • Aquashield (shed grade)
  • Pallet paint
  • Deckshield
  • Supershield
  • Path and decking

Disposable Products and Dispensers

We manufacture and supply disposable products and dispenser products you meet a variety of hygiene issues. Our fleet of vehicles allow us to supply your disposable products and dispenser products orders quickly and safely. 

Industrial products and Building Maintenance

We manufacture professional industrial products and building maintenance solutions. Our innovative industrial products and building maintenance product information can be viewed on our website to assist you with your choice.


We provide an extensive range of packaging solutions including trigger sprays, metal drums, tubs and accessories. Our diverse packaging solutions are suitable for an assortment of chemicals and are priced competitively. 

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