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We are subcontract precision sheet metal workers, a privately owned company based in Bridport Dorset since 1885. We use modern CNC machinery and the very latest in CadCam techniques to manufacture our clients' products - engineering to add value all the way. We serve industry predominantly (but not exclusively) in ELECTRONICS, SECURITY, HYDRAULICS, NUCLEAR & MEDICAL.

Our factory & production is well organised and highly efficient. We detest waste. We aim to continually improve in what we do and vigorously reinvest to embrace new techniques & technology.

If your product is manufactured from sheet metal and you think we may be able to help, please get in touch - we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Whenever possible we aim to provide quotations within 48 hours from receipt of drawings & specification. If you are genuinely interested in any of our services, be your requirement a single component or a complex assembly we will be delighted to provide you with a written quotation.
  Passionate People
Not accountants, nor salesmen, nor technical nerds – we are sheet metal workers. We all take great pride in knowing our product and getting to know yours; we will identify then commit to the most cost effective means of manufacture.
All Kinds of Businesses

We've provided precision sheet metal work for many different types and sizes of businesses. We are at our best on low to medium batch quantities of recurring items. However, the challenge of a one off project could always carry the potential to inspire!   We offer a quality, professional service at a realistic price.

Sheet Metal Work

Within our purpose built 1500M² factory Ackerman Engineering's sheet metal work capacity starts at 0.5mm in thickness and extends to 6.0mm.

We work in both FERROUS & NON-FERROUS METALS with typical batch sizes ranging from 5 to many hundreds of components or assemblies.

As a SUB-CONTRACTOR with many years experience in this highly competitive market we are TOTALLY COMMITTED to serving our CUSTOMERS NEEDS.

All of the machinery used within our precision & general fabrication area is subject to a VIGOROUS REINVESTMENT PROGRAMME, with CNC featuring in all major plant.

Twin CAD/CAM advanced design and programming facilities enable multi-part component nests, producing optimal sheet yields and minimum production run times.

Our sheet metal production facility includes all of the necessary equipment & personal skills to manufacture precision high quality assemblies.

We design, programme & schedule, we CNC shear & CNC punch, we CNC laser cut & CNC fold, we mig, tig & spot weld, we fit bushes, studs & pop rivets, we countersink, tap & fettle.

For further information on sheet metal work, please contact us.

Sheet Metal Work

Laser Cutting

Ackerman Engineering has been laser cutting since 1999 and our latest 4.4Kw Bystronic Byspeed 3015 Laser is equipped with twin pallet change tables and Bytrans 'from pallet' sheet loading facility.

The 4.4Kw resonator gives the capacity to cut 25mm carbon steel, 15mm stainless steel & 10mm aluminium. Thin sheet cutting performance is quite spectacular with axis speeds in excess of 20M/Min regularly being achieved.

A major cost consideration when laser cutting is the choice of assist gas, whilst nitrogen offers the very best in edge quality & cutting speed the amount of bottled gas needed can add considerably to component cost. At Ackerman Engineering we have addressed nitrogen consumption by installing our own in-house nitrogen generation plant. With the unlimited availability of very low cost nitrogen (we only produce the amount that we need) it is our cutting assist gas of choice. Low cost nitrogen gives clean burr free edges which are free from discolouration or oxidisation making them ideal for onward operations such as welding or painting.

Maximum sheet size is 3000 x 1500 and all ferrous & non-ferrous metals (excluding copper) can be cut. We offer nitrogen cut oxide free edge quality on all stainless steel & aluminium cutting. On mild steel up to 5.0mm thick we also use nitrogen cut oxide free, however on thicker mild steel (6.0mm to 25.0mm) we use oxygen which gives faster cutting times.

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Laser Cutting

Powder Coating & Finishing

Ackerman Engineering has been finishing manufactured products since the mid 1970s; our latest facilities consist of 2 areas covering some 360M² which are housed within the main factory unit.

Firstly, we have the ONLINE POWDER COATING PLANT, consisting of a 60 metre x 285 pendant continuous conveyor, with each pendant capable of carrying 30Kg.

The conveyor travels through the online booth which can accommodate assemblies up to 3000 x 1150 x 1150 then directly into the 10.5 metre curing oven. The online booth is of WALK-IN DESIGN giving the ability to COAT COMPLEX or INTRICATE items whilst maintaining HIGH PRODUCTIVITY with a continuous feed conveyor.

The online booth together with the close coupled oven configuration offers a MINIMUM CHANCE of component contamination; it also affords generous areas for loading pre-finish and unloading finished components.

In the second area we have a water-wash free standing booth with a 3.5 metre working aperture, here we etch prime and offer conventional wet spraying facilities both air drying and stove enamelling.

Within the finishing area we also have screen printing, light assembly and package facilities. Finished goods are despatched directly from this area via either our own transport or contracted logistic services.

We offer sub-contract finishing as a standalone service in addition to our sheet metal fabrication capacity.

For further information on powder coating & finishing, please contact us.

Powder Coating & Finishing

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