ACM Fontane Electronic GmbH


The Fontaine-ACM Industry Group: China, Germany, Poland, Romania - a successful combination of locations for high-performance technology and a price advantage. The Fontane-ACM Group has been a reliable partner for development and contract manufacturing for over 31 years. Due to our experience in the fields of development, electronics, mechanical systems and plastics, from small modules and assemblies through to complete finished projects, we can offer you a high degree of know-how and quality. Our industrial park in China covers approx. 35,000 m² and features modern machinery and equipment that enables us to perform most manufacturing processes in-house. We are a contract manufacturer to medium-sized industrial partners in the following fields:

Electronics: Finished and intermediate goods to high-tech designs with corresponding quality requirements. All the necessary production processes take place on our own premises: Bonding, SMT & SMD, assembly, placement, ICT, PCB placement, RoHS technology, rinse soldering, casting, LCD and LED technology, all types of power technology such as inverters and converters, power supply, controllers, TÜV, UL, ISO9001 and VDE certificates, calibration, high-tech test equipment and construction of all types of test equipment.

ACM Fontane Electronic GmbH

Mechanics: Steel, copper and aluminium processing: Bending, cutting, punching, welding, milling, drilling, scribing using CNC machines, all in our own plant. Plastics fabrication up to 750g as per a customer’s own design or design by our engineers. Top-class precision! All types of surface treatment such as powder-coating, paint spraying and galvanisation.

With production facilities in Poland and China, we can assure supply in both Europe and Asia. We deliver high quality, measured to German standards, at remunerative prices. Our R&D department in Romania works closely with the local university, enabling us to offer you development work at favourable prices and combined with our manufacturing experience.