Acme Spring Co Ltd

Acme Springs manufacture high quality springs of every description from materials suitable to 
meet the essential requirements of life, energy and action. 



  • OEM2nd Tier Supplies
  • Motor spares & accessories
  • Lock & door controls
  • Domestic appliances
  • Flow Valves and control gear
  • General Engineering
  •   Electrical switchear and control gear
  •   Weighing scales
  •   Brewing dispensing accessories
  •   Construction
  •   Furniture
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  1. Tension Springs

    Tension Springs
    Acme Spring we have been a coil spring manufacturer of tension springs since the early 1930's designing and manufacturing tension springs suitable for many applications in a variety of materials on CNC coilers and wire formers.
  2. Torsion Springs

    Torsion Springs
    Acme Spring we have been specialists in the manufacture and supply of torsion springs to your specifications since the early 1930's. As a torsion spring manufacturer we design and manufacture an extensive range of Tension Springs to your specifications in a variety of materials on CNC coil spring and wire froming machines.