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Nick Lumb started Acorn Furniture in 1998 and designs and creates bespoke wooden furniture, doors and gates, and wood sculptures from British hardwoods.

Having owned and run a tree surgery business for eleven years, Nick has a passion for trees and an insight into how beautiful and under-appreciated British timber can be.

One of Nick’s specialities is in working with you the client, not only to give ideas, inspiration and caution, but to “pull out of you” your needs, your likes and dislikes, and your space and lifestyle to create designs that are strong, beautiful and comfortable, and unique to you and your space.  After all, skilfully making a piece of furniture to the wrong design is still making the wrong piece of furniture!

Once the design and timber are agreed, the pieces will be lovingly built and finished in Acorn Furniture’s workshop in North Wales and delivered to you to enjoy for a lifetime and even continue as a family heirloom.


Examples of Commissions:

Windsor Chairs in Ash

The clients for these chairs do business in Russia and were inspired by an old chair in the Kremlin so they are not traditional Windsor chairs. The chairs are made from the client's own ash tree which blew down and was planked 10 years previously.

Huge Dining Table in Ash

This table was designed to match the chairs above and was also made from the same ash tree.  Ultimately, the table will have 10 armchairs around it.

Refurbish The Vimto Monument

The Vimto Monument had survived Manchester weather and students for twenty years but was looking very sad.  Acorn Furniture refurbished it to be a credit to its brand.

Rebuild the Vimto bottle

The bottle from the Vimto Monument was to have clean bright labels to be seen from both sides. The old bottle was too rotten to allow this and so the bottom 2m were rebuilt by Acorn Furniture prior to carving and painting the labels.

Waney Edged Furniture

Wood can retain more of its own originality and character by keeping its waney edge –the natural edge under the bark. Waney edged furniture is something that is very attractive to some people and the opposite to others!

Waney Edged Restaurant Tables

The character of a waney edged (natural edged) table from British timber adds significantly to the feel and atmosphere of a restaurant. This spalted beech table top in Manchester is not very waney but doesn’t have a completely flat surface anywhere!

Leather-Topped Table

This refectory style table was designed to make the most of available space by being multi-functional (writing table and dining table combined) and multi-size (extending to give extra seating).  It is also stained to match existing library furniture.

Large Oak Bridge

This oak bridge is in a private garden but would be a beautiful marketing feature at the right show.

Möbius Strip

This shape has only one side and one edge and yet is also a beautiful piece of tactile wood sculpture. This one is carved in ash.

TV Cabinet

These clients wanted to hide a huge Bose television when not in use. This cabinet was built from their own oak tree.

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