Acousteel offers an effective and straight forward way to remove unwanted noise and vibration from any steel or aluminium sheets, panels, pressings etc. which have inherent noise problems. Acousteel offers many benefits over traditional noise control products.

Acousteel is constructed like a sandwich with a thin (0.05mm) energy-absorbing layer of viscoe-elastic polymer in the center of two metal skins. The result of this is an audibly sound deadened steeL panel.

Acousteel .works by using constrained layer damping. This basically absorbs sound and/or vibration energy by the two skins of material moving relatively to one another. This movement creates sheer strain, which in turn is dissipated as negligible heat. Incredibly, this creates up to a 30dB(A) reduction in sound which equates to a thousand fold decrease in sound energy with structure borne noise. See demonstration at

Acousteel manufactures two main products both of which are derivatives of sound dead zintec, metal, aluminium and steel.

1.Acousteel laminated panel (sound dead steel) is a sound deadened zintec / aluminium or stainless constrained layer damping panel used in Acoustic doors, Heating and Ventilating Equipment and top end Hi Fi equipment as manufactured by Arcam.

2.Acou-stik acoustic damper (Aludamp / Alidamp) is an adhesive zintec / aluminium or stainless steel sound damping steel sheet for use where the Acousteel panel is inhibited through engineering etc. This retro fit acoustic damper can be used where ever structure borne noise and manufacture is an issue. Such as Hoppers and chutes etc in food environments where bitumastic dampers are a hygiene risk.

Acousteel Overview