Acoustic Engineering Services (UK) Ltd

Acoustic Engineering Services (AES) are specialists in the field of noise and vibration control with over thirty years of experience.  By offering a full bespoke service, AES can assess, design, manufacture and install suitable high quality solutions that solve your noise and vibration problems.

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures are commonly used to control noise from air-conditioning condensers to ensure compliance with local planning restrictions.

AES enclosures are carefully designed on a project specific basis to ensure optimal condenser performance is maintained by minimising airflow restriction whilst providing a high degree of attenuation.

Acoustic Enclosures


AES offer a full range of attenuators, each being purpose made to suit dimensional and performance requirements.

Splitter type units are available in five performance ranges in straight, bend or cross-talk configurations.

Circular units are available with or without a centrally located pod.

Attenuators have been independently tested to BS:4718.


Acoustic Louvres

AES acoustic louvres provide an effective weather barrier with high acoustic performance and the aesthetically pleasing appearance of a conventional weather louvre.

We produce two standard louvre types; single bank being 270mm deep and double bank 540mm deep.

Typical applications would be plant room ventilation, compressor and condenser housings and acoustic screening where it is necessary to allow the passage of air whilst controlling noise emission.

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are generally used to control airborne noise by forming an enclosure or barrier screen around the noise source.

AES acoustic panels are particularly suitable for this purpose as their construction results in high levels of both sound insulation and acoustic absorption thus maximising the overall level of noise reduction achieved.

Panels are manufactured from high quality materials in a comprehensive range of finishes.

They are easily assembled and are adaptable to suit the particular requirements of the project.

Typical applications include machinery enclosures, engine test cells, barrier screens and wall lining.

AES acoustic panels have been independently tested to BS 2750 for sound insulation and BS 3638 for sound absorption.

Acoustic Panels

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