Acres and Acres Supply Chain Consulting

An independent consultancy operating in the Supply Chain sector. Specialising in project management, industrial engineering, bid management, procurement, productivity improvement and training.
Previously, a Director & Senior Logistics Manager, Principal Bill Acres has a strong track record of 30 years in business development, operational, commercial, and expert professional roles across a variety of industry sectors, always improving quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Comfortable operating at board and staff level alike. A confident leader, communicator, presenter, negotiator and solution provider. Experience in project management, strategic & tactical planning and customer relationships.


Supply chain consulting

acres & acres provides supply chain consulting services for the logistics industry across a variety of market sectors including:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Entertainment
  • FMCG
  • Automotive
  • High Tech
Supply chain consulting

Logistics industry supply chain consultancy

Please call 07867 788959 or visit our web site at to find out how we have helped clients in the key target markets of:

  • Own account manufacturers or distributors
  • Global Supply Chain Organisations
  • Third Party Logistics Operators
  • Fourth Party Solutions Providers
  • Parcels Companies & Integrators
  • SME's requiring down to earth logistics guidance
Logistics industry supply chain consultancy

Global Solution design

Strategic business management and services listed below coupled with in-depth knowledge ensure acres & acres supply a winning business solution whilst building a positive and enduring relationship with the client.

Global Solution design

Acres and Acres Supply Chain Consulting Overview