Action Storage Systems Ltd

Action Storage Systems supply and install storage systems which range from hand loaded adjustable bolt free steel shelving to staff lockers and cycle/smoking shelters and racks.

Shelving: Our principal shelving product is the Metalsistem Super123 system which we hold in stock for delivery to mainland UK within 7 working days. This shelving is a hand loaded system that is available in any height up to 5M. It is an all steel design and fully adjustable without nuts and bolts. The load bearing capacities suit 90% of applications.

Visit: where products are available for purchase online. Supershelf is ideal for shop stockrooms, stores, warehouses, retail, offices and there is even a household version of the shelving.

Lockers:  We supply lockers for staff, students and club members across a range of applications in schools, hospitals, factories, restaurants, golf clubs, gyms, shops and anywhere that requires a changing facility for staff or students. The lockers come in a wide range of designs and finishes to suit any environment. See our range at

Cycle Shelters: We supply and install nationwide a range of cycle shelters, covered walkways and smoking shelters. These are designed to be pleasing to the eye and fit into most locations. See our web site for the range of designs on

Contact our friendly and efficient sales team for cost saving advice and ideas. We have our own installation teams that cover the UK and EU.

Action Storage Systems Ltd Overview