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We supply, install and service the full range of Audio Visual Equipment including Projectors, Screens, Sound Systems, Plasma and LCD TVs. Crestron Control Systems, Conference Sets, Staging and Laptops.


LCD and DLP Projectors for your business. We provide a suitable projector solution for your projection needs. Large Screen Projection, Conference Projectors and Multimedia Projectors.

Audience Response Voting Systems

Voting Systems, Keypads, Receivers, Laptops, Production Costs and Technicians - the full package.

Voting System 

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  • Laptops 
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Audio Visual Hire

Hire of AV equipment, Conference Live Events, AV Control Systems, Sound Systems, Projectors, LCD, Plasma TVs, Screens, Set Design, Staging, Multimedia and Projection systems.

Unicol Stands and Trolleys

Flat screen advertising, information or entertainment using LCD, Plasma or Projectors is now commonplace in stores and public areas. Unicol Leads the field in providing installation hardware for airports, supermarkets and shopping malls, pubs, clubs,and gymnasiums and many more. Unicol has been at the forefront of developing easy to use and cost effective mounting solutions where cable management and provision for IT hardware such as PC and Balun boxes are given equal priority to the more obvious needs of height adjustment, swivel and tilt.  Completed installations blend neatly with store interiors to present a high degree of aesthetic appearance.

Plasma/LCD Screens

LCD and Plasma TV's. The advantages are that they have more pixels per square inch than a CRT (or "normal") TV, meaning you get a sharper image (it's worth remembering that, as with all TV's some screens have better clarity than others)  They are sleek and slim, easily mounted on a wall or stand.  LCD and plasma TV's do not have scan lines.  LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Hundreds of thousands of tiny pixels sits behind the TV screen. Behind these pixels is a fluorescent white backlight.  When the light hits the pixels, an electric current determines what colour appears on the screen, and the millions of tiny light variations make up the image that you see on your TV.

Plasma are different they are made of two sheets of glass, between which plasma (xenon and neon gas) fills thousands of tiny chambers, Behind each chamber are a series of red, blue and green phosphors.  When electricity hits the plasma chambers, they emit invisible UV light, which then hits one of the coloured phosphors.  This creates a visible image on the screen.

Kodak Spares and Repairs

We still have a comprehensive spare parts stock available, ensuring the long term repairs for years  to come.

When a fault  occurs on your equipment, contact the Active Service Centre to obtain a SRN request form.  This form will include your SRN number.  Complete the form and email or fax it back to us to get your case filed. 
Full details are on the form reference payment and terms and conditions. 

Portable PA Systems

Mipro Portable PA systems offer great Mipro sound quality for all applications.  The smaller Mipro MA101 gives 27w output, the Mipro 705 provides 50w with the powerful Mipro MA 707 providing 70w and Mipro MA 808 a whopping 250w rms. 

Church Installations

Active Audio Visual specialises in the installation of Audio Visual Equipment, Sound and Lighting into places of worship. With 19 years experience and knowledge from our previous church installations, you can be assured that even if all you require is a simple loop system, or a complete audio visual projection system set-up, we will carry out the work to the highest standard, and where possible with complete discretion. 

Education Audio Visual

We supply, install and set-up both Smartboard and Promethean interactive whiteboards. All projectors and Genee Vision Visualisers  designed for the education sector.

Also now Digital Signage, Electronic Information Display is an important resource for business,government education and organisations throughout the public sector. We can supply the Flat Screen Displays, Signage Software and installation package.

Why replace your projector if all it requires is a full service?. Money spent on a service is money saved compared to the cost of repositioning a new projector and bracket.

We also offer a projector service package. Please contact for details.

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