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We supply load pins for critical load measurements often used by the oil industry for use in drill rigs and sub-sea assemblies. Load pins are manufactured in high strength stainless steel or super alloy to withstand the strain and can be used in a range of applications.

Load pins can be installed in brake mechanisms for static load measurement or in the base of a winch for dynamic measurements. Load pins are also used in mooring buoys to measure hawser tension and used in chain stoppers for tankers.

Torque Sensors

Our torque sensors include static torque sensors with a range from 1 to 50Nm.

Our other torque sensors consist of a rotary torque device with an expansive range from 10 to 2000Nm.

Pressure Sensors

Our range of pressure sensors includes instruments for gauging pressure from 100 to 700 bar.  Pressure sensors can be integrated with metric pressure fittings and built to the highest standard.

Our pressure sensors include standard pressure and wide pressure instruments. They include temperature compensation over a diverse temperature range.


Our instrumentation range includes transducer amplifiers and displays. Instrumentation devices are manufactured to the highest standards.


Our lifting applications help protect from overloading and monitor loads. Our lifting equipment encompasses under hook weighing equipment like load measuring shackles, pulley block systems and load monitoring systems.

A range of integrated instrumentation can provide the ultimate solution to a range of requirements.

Load monitoring pins can be integrated into lifting structures to ensure a robust, stable and secure system. We can tailor our designs to provide safe and effective lifting units.

Oil and Gas

We have an extensive range of oil and gas applications. We have a diverse amount of experience in oil and gas projects including monitoring winch loads, measuring drill string tension, using heave compensation, measurement for mooring lines, and anchor lines.

We have also provided load-measuring transducers for crane structures and load pins for use in pipe support rollers for ships.

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