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ACW is one of the UK’s foremost providers of turnkey contract electronics manufacturing solutions. Complete complex products are built, configured, tested, boxed and packed for direct daily global shipments from ACW’s 3 factories.

Electronic Assembly

Revenues exceed £50M. 500+ professionally managed staff operate within factories in Southampton, Wales and ACW’s wholly UK owned Chinese factory. All operate using ACW’s UK systems, procedures, controls and standards.

Electronic Assembly

Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM)

ACW's engineers use "VAYOPRO" and "Fabmaster" for CAD conversion providing rapid test and manufacturing documentation development giving minimal design to delivery cycle times. Customers also benefit from testability analysis and rectification opportunity prior to capital expenditure. Computer assisted board diagnostics using "ASTER QuadView" give us rapid, accurate identification of test faults; this increases our ability to deliver on time at lowest cost.

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In Circuit ATE - Flying Probe

Flying probe ATE is Takaya APT9411/01/00CE from Itochu. Our high speed probers enable rapid programming and fast in circuit test of low volume products, including prototypes, without the high cost of dedicated fixtures. These machines are fitted with Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) on the prober heads.

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In Circuit Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) - Bed of Nails

Our fully trained programming and operating staff deploy Teradyne 1890VP machines with a capacity of 2048 analogue/digital nodes. These machines allow fast programming and high speed operation as well as low overhead Engineering Change Orders (ECOs). Capable of dealing with CAD converted data, the machines provide state of the art vector and vectorless testing. Teradyne's MultiScan tool set enables testing of connectors and other components. The machines can test complex custom integrated circuits, with or without test vectors being available.

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Functional Test - Digital

ACW uses fast digital functional ATE from IFR (formerly Marconi), supplemented with CIMTEK (was Wayne Kerr) and others. ACW has fully automatic BABT characteristics test capability.

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Boundary Scan - JTAG

ACW makes extensive use of the JTAG and Goepel software and hardware platforms to provide fast cost-effective and high coverage test and in-system programming of suitably designed circuits. ACW now uses the state of the art Scanflex 8 TAP hybrid tester. As at November 2008 ACW is one of only 2 UK companies with 8 TAP capability in the UK.

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Automatic Optical Inspection - AOI

ACW has DiagnoSYS ScanPoint 50s in the most critical lines to augment human inspection for presence and alignment prior to reflow and off line processes. DiagnoSYS VisionPoint, DCB SuperVision III and YesTech AOI complement in circuit test and are used for printed circuit boards and component placements that cannot be physically tested. In addition the Takaya Flying Probers give excellent complementary coverage on low volume boards.

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