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We are specialist, experienced manufacturers of the FlightVu digital aerospace video server range, used by airlines to secure a commercial aircraft from threats on the ground and in the air. The state of the art, robust, digital video recorders retrieve and record up to sixteen, balanced, composite video signals.

They have a 160Gb storage capability, combined with definable sample rates to suit the needs of the user.

Further features of this aerospace video server include:

  • 28v DC to RTCAD0160D
  • 8 Video Inputs
  • 2 Audio Channels
  • BITE Indication
  • Configurable VMD Zones
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
  • Software to RTCA DO178B Cat E
  • NTSC or PAL
  • Maximum size 250mm x 110mm x 58mm ( excl mounting brackets )
  • Maximum weight 1.2Kg

Aerospace External Cameras

Due to our expert manufacturing processes and innovative design skills, the FlightVu Aerospace Video Cameras are specially designed to meet the extreme conditions experienced on the exterior of commercial aircraft, making them the most advanced aerospace external cameras.

These aerospace external cameras are hermetically sealed and available for simple fitting virtually anywhere around the exterior of the modern aircraft. The low profile, aerodynamically shaped optical window ensures perfect viewing through all weather conditions while having negligible impact on drag characteristics.

Camera housings are titanium and use sapphire glass for maximum wear resistance.

The cameras offer additional sensors along with security systems and are presented to the pilot for ground manoeuvre or airborne safety checking. Each system is designed to the specifications defined by the customer. As technology continually changes and improves, we will utilize the best cameras available, guaranteeing you the state of the art system you require.

Aerospace External Cameras

Aerospace Control Panels

Our impeccably manufactured and highly functional FV-1050 is a display control panel used in conjunction with the FV-0580 Video Switch to control the camera input shown on a connected display. These aerospace control panels are lightweight and can be quickly installed/maintained as they are Dzus rail mounted. Using the FV-1050, the user selects the camera image they wish to view, the brightness and contrast of their screen, and the status of the attached system.

The standby option within these aerospace control panels allows a user to turn off their display while leaving the system active so other users can view images in a multi-user system. The camera select switch allows the panel to support any number of camera inputs.

The FV-1050 is most commonly used for control of display of video images fed from either internal or external cameras to aid the safety and security of the aircraft, such as Cockpit Door Monitoring Systems.

The front panel switches are fitted behind a “Lightplate” giving trans-illumination through the knobs, around the panel and through the lettering, allowing the switches to be identified in a darkened cockpit.

Aerospace Control Panels

Aerospace Video Switch Unit

Our top of the range and expertly manufactured FV-0580 Aerospace Video Switch Unit takes input from up to four analogue cameras and produces video streams suitable for viewing on displays such as LCD monitors.

The FV-0580 Aerospace Video Switch Unit provides a variety of functions from security to in-flight entertainment (IFE). Its most common application is the distribution of images from security cameras located around the approach to the cockpit door and in adjacent galleys to monitors on the flight deck. This enables the pilots to check who is outside of the door when entry is requested and assess and potential danger or threat before allowing access.

The video streams could just as easily come from external cameras to allow pilots to check on undercarriage deployment or for feeds through to the IFE system either on a passenger airliner.

Aerospace Video Switch Unit

Aerospace LCD Monitor

Our technologically leading FV-0834 is a 4” colour aerospace LCD monitor designed to fit in the cockpit of a commercial aircraft either in the central pedestal or other suitable location. This aerospace LCD monitor is lightweight, low-powered and can be quickly installed/maintained as it is Dzus rail mounted. The angled display is designed to give the pilots the most comfortable viewing angle.

Its primary function is the display of video images fed from either internal or external cameras to aid the safety and security of the aircraft. The monitor is most commonly fitted for applications such as Cockpit Door Monitoring Systems where the crisp screen aids the pilots with the clear identification of persons requesting access to the flight deck.

Aerospace LCD Monitor

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