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With a focus for machining sectors specialising in medium to heavy components, ADA Machining Services centres on horizontal and vertical boring. In our vertical boring collection we have a showcase of professional products.

Here are just some examples:

  • Richards 5.25m Vertical Borer
  • Webster & Bennett 3.5m Vertical Borer
  • Craven 4.25m Vertical Borer

Horizontal Boring

Our horizontal boring selection is wide in variety, and has a large online showcase.

A few examples of our horizontal boring variety include:

  • 2 off Scharmann 160 Table Borers
  • Stanko 2E 656 Floor Borers
  • Wotan Table Borers
Horizontal Boring

Plano Milling

Our dedicated company has a piano milling sector.

ADA Machining has a specialist piano milling machine with the following benefits:

  • Table size 11280 x 4270mm
  • Table Traverse 11440mm
  • Maximum Job Length 19000mm
  • Side milling facility
  • 3 axis digital readout .

Plano Milling


ADA Machining provides planing services including our craven planer. Our planing advantages compromise of a large table size and working area. Cross planing attachments with a finishing facility are also included.



In addition to vertical and horizontal boring, piano-milling and planing, we also provide drilling services for numerous requirements. We have speciality drilling equipment suitable for any case our customer demands.


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