Adams Sheet Metal Ltd

QA Clipped Duct Systems

The QA Clip system is so easy to install that it eliminates time consuming and costly procedures. There is no longer any need to use rivets or screws, just the quick release clip with integral seal.

  • Easy to install  
  • No rivets or screws required
  • Quick release clip with integral seal
  • Smooth internal finish
  • Easily adapted to existing systems
  • Available in galvanised and stainless steel

All QA Clipped duct systems are made from weatherproof galvanised steel sheets and are equipped with a rolled collar at both ends that serves as a clamping edge for the QA clip.

This ensures tight joints, combined with the smooth internal finish producing low transitional resistance, ensures that QA system is ideal for pneumatic transport of material.

Ease of assembly and re-assembly makes this the ideal system when re-siting machinery, thus cutting possible costly downtime.

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